After waiting years to finally release this single, Dundee’s very own Be Charlotte shares to the world that with the lights off anything can be possible. Everyone must go and chase that dream they’ve been having and when you flick that switch and the light is on, show how much you thrive and shine in all your glory.

Charlotte recently hosting the very first female songwriting camp with exceptional Scottish singer-songwriters. The list included Anna Sweeney, Fourth Daughter, Stephanie Cheape, KOHLA, Zoe Graham, Shears, LILI, Megan D, Liv Dawn, and Chuchoter. What Charlotte succeeded in was showcasing that girls can not only write. They can be influential, they are powerful and no matter what, they can wear their crown and be an absolute Queen every single day.

Lights Off is a track that is so full of Ellie Goulding meets Charli XCX vibes. When the verse starts, what plays is a gorgeous string plucked guitar that then transcends into a magical spell has she put us under. The journey continues to take us to a fantasyland chorus which can only be described as one of the best pop bangers that 2020 has to offer us. 

Charlotte’s lyrics do speak volumes. She wrote this song when she felt ‘defeated, depressed, and uninspired’. Now, in a time where we need music more than ever to cope with the unprecedented times we’re currently living in, she expressed her sadness and gave us something that can make us feel all connected through this absolute cracker of a tune.

Paving the way for female singer-songwriters across Scotland, Be Charlotte is a role model for the future of Scottish women in music.

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