With Jamie making his own path in the music industry, this single is something fresh and exciting. It’s catchy and meaningful to everyone in some way or another, leaving the past behind and showing progression.

It is instantly likeable from the first chord to the last note. Jamie has hit the nail on the head with this tune, and has came back with a bang! He is still showcasing his immense song writing skills on his own, showing his talents are pretty much endless.

It’s a total nostalgic, chill vibe and leaves me wanting to play it on repeat. It captures his signature recognisable vocals exactly the way that it should. Complimented perfectly with the guitar harmonies.

With this being his first solo single it’s a precious work of art, being everything, if not more than what we all wanted. The lyrics are relate-able to us all and become more meaningful the more we listen. It feels like a song about his optimism, kick starting his career. Leaving us wanting more of whats to come, which I have no doubt we will not be disappointed in.

If you haven’t caught wind of this already, check it out below. You won’t be disappointed!