After 18 months of turbulence in the music industry, live gigs and music have returned. It’s life, but not as we know it. If you were lucky enough, you got that ticket to your favourite artist touring later in the year or you tied up the loose ends for an epic road trip down to a festival. These things are certainly familiar! 

Scarlett Randle warming up the crowd for the day ahead. Photography: @jackgeddesmedia

When Discovery Music were told we were in store for a weekend packed full of throwbacks and thrills, incredible visuals and an experience hidden away in Rouken Glen Park – you know I couldn’t resist. Playground Festival, a playground across the decades and genres of the music we know today. A carnival packed with ravers and rockers, all of which were definitely overdressed. Or maybe a cardigan is a bit too underdressed? Playground Festival has a love that is contagious with the kind of people and places that give you an uncontrollable grin. 

I had to know what was happening on stage! With handy information points and a clearly laid out site, we made it to the main stage in no time. To kickstart our day we had the sensational Scarlett Randle and band, luring in early festival goers like a siren with their energy and incredible vocals. Using up every inch of the stage, Randle left a huge impression on her growing crowd below. Particularly on the two major swifties near the front belting their cover of ‘Fifteen’ by Taylor Swift as if their lives depended on it. 

From here, we moved on to check out Beta Waves on the Playpark stage and honestly, the usuals of this set were definitely my favourite. The duo gave the crowd it’s pulse, keeping things punchy with ‘Love Love Love’. This combined with it’s visuals blew me away. I was a huge fan of this set and would love to see more of them in the future! 

As we made our way back to the main stage, ‘DOPE.SICK.FLY’ was sprawled across the screen like a caution. With a performance like theirs, they definitely should’ve gave a warning for the good vibes. These guys were so powerful! Playing music out loud to soothe the soul and planning a surprise for later.

This crossover understood the assignment! Photography: @jackgeddesmedia

If it weren’t for the light rain, you could’ve mistook the next act for the sun. Bright, shinning and yellow? Check! Of course it was Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 and they got the party started. Seek no further than these guys because their presence absolutely blew my mind! I mean, it’s as if they hypnotised the crowd with their song ‘Cross the Road’. The crowd was whooping and cheering, jumping and singing only to be gifted with a Dijon 5 x Dope.Sick.Fly crossover to close the set. This was one of my highlights for the entire festival. 

When the sky grew dark and the evening rushed in, it was time to bring in the nostalgia with Sister Sledge ft Kathy Sledge followed by Boy George and The Culture Club. Having these two performers back to back was absolutely sensational. 

Sister Sledge got the crowd moving with flamboyant dancers and outfits you could spot across the site, playing hits like ‘Everybody Dance’ and ‘We Are Family’. I found myself dancing with strangers in no time, following the moves and singing along! 

Our night closed with Boy George and The Culture Club and as sad I was that this was the end like most were, George was soon to bring the energy right back as he strutted round the stage, reviving the audience for one last hour. Truly iconic. The energy in the crowd spread all the way to the back and no one was escaping the belter, ‘Karma Chameleon’ as the show came to a close. Even the security was dancing! 

Knowing I had to love and leave this event was gutting beyond belief. I was still singing and dancing the next day, beaming that I got such an experience like no other. Playground Festival? See you next year! 

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