Interview | Dillon Squire | Former Heavy Rapids Frontman

Recently I had the chance to catch up with Dillon Squire and how he’s been over lockdown.

How have you been finding lockdown, and what have you been doing to keep busy?

A total thunderstorm. Had highs, lows and an abundance of self discovery. I’m teaching english online just now. Highly recommend it to musicians or creatives looking for a side hustle. 

Ample time has been supplied to hammer books and movies too. Out of all I’ve dug into, Mr Nice has taken the throne. An autobiography by Howard Marks. He’s a Welsh, Oxford student who breaks bad as a dope smuggler in the UK & US. There’s a movie too. Epic. 

Who’s your favourite Scottish music artist and why?

Primal Scream! They’ve stood the test of time with their music, style and general vibe for me. Love em’.

Your most listened to artists over lockdown, and have you discovered any new ones, if so who? 

Beck, St Vincent, The Dandy Warhols, Alexandra Savior, Inhaler, Nine Inch Nails, Steve Lacy, Father John Misty and lots of 90s hip hop.

Regards to new stuff, came across King Princess, home to Mark Ronson’s label. She’s brilliant. Common Saints are cool too. I’d never usually give artists like Dua Lipa or Miley Cyrus a go. Must admit, I like their newer stuff.

What have you missed most over lockdown?

Obviously gigs. I didn’t think the cinema would be missed because of home comforts but I really miss making a movie an event without phones disrupting it!

First thing you want to do once lockdown ends? 

Family, mates, drinks, dinner, then go see anything on a real stage! 

What are your plans music wise and personally for once lockdown ends?

I’ll pull the trigger when I see some sense of normality. I’m sitting on some hot material. Although, I’m not in any rush to release it. Making music for my own rapture is enough but I am looking forward to sharing that connection with the public again, it’s sorely missed. Personally, I’m just keeping on, keeping on.

And finally, your go to drink once pubs reopen?

White Russian. Sex in a glass!