What do you do in the Scottish Music Scene?

I’m a radio presenter and also write about new music.

What made you want to get involved?

When I started going to see bands in the late 80s I was drawn to the local scene in Dundee at the time, and how accessible it was. The Sunday night Dance Factory at Fat Sam’s in Dundee gave me an introduction to so much emerging music. We’d hang around outside the dressing room and often got to meet the bands. I was a bit of a fanboy I suppose! As I have no musical talent myself I thought that spreading the word about the music I was into through the media was the next best thing.

What’s the best thing about the Scottish Music Scene?

It seems to be quite a tight community, and because the country is relatively small everybody seems to know everybody else. We’ve got such a rich history when it comes to music and I find it fascinating delving into that.

Did anybody help you get started in the Scottish Music Scene?

I wouldn’t say so, although I was inspired by a lot of radio I was listening to at the time. Mainly John Peel on BBC Radio One and Peter Easton on BBC Radio Scotland. They made me want to get a foot in the door.

Who inspires you in the Scottish Music Scene?

I’m forever inspired by exciting new sounds, along with the passion of music fans.

Who’s your favourite Scottish Artist?

Such a difficult question. My tastes are pretty varied but going back, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and The Proclaimers will always have a place in my heart. More recently I love a lot of the music coming out of 7 West studios in Glasgow like The Dunts and Spyres. I’d really struggle to name one act as I’ll probably hear them tomorrow!

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to get involved?

Network! Speak to folk and engage on social media. Be nice! Remember those at the bottom of the rung today might be important in the future.

Things to avoid doing when starting out in the music industry?

Don’t be too pushy. Enthusiasm is a good thing but over-enthusiasm can jar a bit. First impressions can go a long way.

The best bit of advice you’ve received? 

Be yourself.