GIG REVIEW | VOODOOS @ ROOM 2 | 20.09.19

It’s a Friday night in the city centre of Glasgow. We’re gathered in new-ish venue Room 2, previously known as 69 Below. It’s more stylish than your average basement bar, without being too club-like. It’s a comfortable middle.

Topping the bill are Voodoos, Coatbridge’s finest quartet who are now a jewel firmly embedded in the Glasgow music scene’s crown. Support is provided by the energetic, charismatic rockers Nü Cros, who are beginning to make their mark on the scene, and increasingly popular punks The Roly Mo – who seem to gain confidence and swagger with each live performance. Despite the early start, both bands pull in sizeable, enthusiastic crowds and set the tone for the show that’s to come.

When the moment arrives, the room is dark and we watch four shadowy figures take the stage amidst triumphant cheers. The only light is provided by the occasional strobe light, and a black LED which features Voodoos’ branding in bright red.

The silence gives way into the familiar ringing intro of 2018 single Stockholm, and the passion of the fans in the first few rows means the barrier is already failing (I think there were about four staff members holding it in place by the end of the night).

These levels of excitement and enthusiasm present at the beginning of the evening do not dwindle – in fact, they only intensify as Voodoos play through their impressive catalogue. Favourites such as Slide, Natalie and Turn Me Into Juice get the crowds going, whilst most recent single Do It To Myself and the politically-charged NRA provide the singalongs. All four members deliver the set with an air of confidence, spurred on by the adoring crowd, visibly enjoying and soaking up the party atmosphere. Garden Ornaments serves as a raucous conclusion to a night which I’m sure will go down as a highlight for both the band and the fans in attendance.

Following the night’s unofficial announcement of a King Tut’s headliner, an official social media announcement hit our screens the following Monday, with tickets selling out within a matter of hours – if anything shows us that Voodoos are unstoppable, it’s this.

Photo credit: Sinead Ferguson