Easter Sunday this year seen a modern day resurrection as Vida made their return to the stage at Depot, Falkirk.

Following support from Martin Mullady and Easy Days, the crowd was already eager to hear how the band would sound with a mix up in the line-up and a brand new lead singer, with chants of ‘No Vida, No Party’ as the band began setting up.

This excitement was reflected by the band on stage as you could see their anticipation as they began to play. As a somewhat new outfit, the band played well, and the vocals rang strong. A fresh injection but staying true to the Vida sound we know.

As the night went on, the setlist boasted some new songs giving us a glimpse at what to expect from the newly reformed group, and it’s certainly something to get excited about. The set was livened up by a cover of Fat Boy Slim’s ‘The Rockafeller Skank’ which was indeed very cool. Hearing this portrayed in a strong scottish accent was a welcome surprise to the night, and a very clever addition to the boys’ set.

However, the familiar favourites really got the crowd going. From the first notes, ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘Let You Believe’ were accompanied by a swarm of energy from the audience who were keen to show they hadn’t forgotten the words, and were still up for a boogie to these Vida classics.

As the end of the gig drew closer, the encore had the band reenter the stage to a remix of their new single ‘Different Storm’, which filled the venue with an undeniable buzz. This new single has clearly been received well with the crowd singing back the words and dancing along. Then came the final song of the night, ‘Fade Away’. Another Vida classic. This seen the crowd at their most energetic, the Saltire flag banded about amongst the crowd and even a stage invasion, party of one. A final rendition of the chorus sung by the crowd, lead by the guitars, left an energy in the room that laid solid confirmation that Vida were back and had so much more to give.