Vida’s first gig of 2024, a sold out King Tuts, which meant a packed venue wall to wall with chanting fans.

Support on the night came in the form of The Bandages and ECKO. Regrettably not making The Bandages set, I caught the second band as they were starting. The venue was filling up when Ecko took to the stage, and they enjoyed an enthusiastic reception from the crowd. The young Scottish band played well, and had an indie sound with a punky attitude that worked well with the crowd.

The headliners of the night were next to the stage, and the venue was packed. Vida made their come back after a change in line-up early last year and have been grafting away honing their sound. The gig in King Tuts for fans was a long time coming. As the band entered the stage the room was filled with anticipation and applause.

As they worked through their set, Vida owned the stage and the energy they gave the crowd was returned in spades. The band have cultivated their own sound, jangly guitars and drums often giving a psychedelic feel, certainly dreamy and absolutely iconic. The crowd were onboard from the start, and favourites such as ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Take It Easy’ really got the crowd moving. The band spurred the crowds excitement borrowing from the darts world, with the easily recognised guitar riffs of ‘Chase the Sun’ resulting in chanting and singing spreading through the whole room.

As well as welcoming the much loved Vida sound, hearing new tracks coming from the stage was fantastic and well received. Recent releases ‘Different Storm’ and ‘You Tell Me’ are fast becoming firm favourites, already being sung back to the stage. The support and backing the band have is strong and only growing. People had travelled from all over to see the gig in the famous Glasgow venue. Their following from their hometown especially is undeniable, as chants of ‘ooh ah Alloa’ made sure the city knew the Vida boys were back in town.

Keep up to date with Vida on their social media, as the next gig is not to be missed.