Gig Review | Tove Lo | SWG3 | 02/11/22

Swedish superstar Tove Lo returned to Glasgow on Tuesday night for the Dirty Femme tour, her first performance in the city since before the pandemic.

The crowd at SWG3 was ecstatic to see the singer, and she was excited to reunite with them. It’s safe to say that neither disappointed.

Never one to be shy about what she stands for, Tove Lo (born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson) took the stage by storm.

She opened with ‘Pineapple Slice’ from the recently released Dirty Femme album, a bold and hard-hitting opener.

Her performance was both passionate and sexy, dancing at every given opportunity and commanding the crowd to her will. They went wild every time she strut about the stage and she absolutely revelled in it.  

Of course, this being the Dirty Femme tour, the songs from the album took centre stage. Some standouts were ‘2 Die 4’, ‘How Long’, and my personal favourite, ‘Attention Whore’.

Tove Lo has the crowd on strings at SWG3

A musical prodigy from a young age, Tove Lo showed off her incredible vocal talents to their highest extent. Some amazing high notes were hit and held to perfection.

Her talent was showed off very well during a fan favourite song, ‘Talking Body’ which her fans went wild for. A poppy, peppy and catchy song that has some impressive vocals in the chorus, everyone was singing along with her.

Crowd engagement is a favourite of mine at shows, it really connects the artist to their fans, and Tove Lo does it better than most. Waving arms, clapping on beat, getting everyone to jump, she made her show incredibly fun.

But the real connection came at the halfway point. Tove Lo has always been a champion of loving yourself, body positivity, and friendship. Before she performed some of her more melodic, slow songs, Tove Lo got personal with her fans about her message. She spoke of how her journey to self-love was difficult but worth it and urged her fans to speak to family and friends about their issues; a wholesome moment that saw many in SWG3 embrace each other.

The change in pace was a nice opportunity to relax and take in the beautiful voice of the inspiring person everyone was there to see. But she couldn’t go out without giving the crowd a few more hits.

Her biggest hit which she said changed her life, ‘Habits’ went down a storm. Limbs were flying everywhere, like the biggest celebration of the year; the chorus echoed from the thousands singing along, and you couldn’t help but join in.

A riot from beginning to end, Tove Lo’s big reunion with Glasgow was a resounding success.