If you bought a ticket to see the Lottery Winners at Beat Generator on Tuesday night you probably got more than you bargained for.

The Lottery Winners have been gigging around a lot recently and have some incredible tours under their belt with, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Tom Jones, Paul Wellar and soon Nickleback. I think they will very quickly be a name in which people recognise and I have a feeling I’ve seen them for the first (and maybe the last) time in a small venue. Thom promised us they’d be headlining arenas next year; I’m excited to see the journey there.

Hailing from Manchester the band set out on a mammoth tour “This Is How It Feels”, so big it was toured in two halves. With plenty miles on the van and banter along the way the Lottery Winners were able to play in new venues, to fans both new and old doing what they do best… delivering an energetic indie/pop set.

Support for the night came from Jack Valero , London born and Brighton based band. A 5 piece band (drums, guitar, bass lead vocals and female lead vocals). The band all had great stage presence and looked like 5 best mates having the time of their life. Jack writes songs about dark/light of life. The set was fast paced indie rock with a real old school rock and roll twist about it which could really be heard in some of the lead guitar parts. Playing original material ‘Pull Back The Hammer‘ and ‘This Is A Nightmare’ with such passion and enthusiasm, their music is relevant and relatable.

Jack Valero Band – Beat Generator, Dundee.

I loved that Jack Valero and Amie Shouler are playful together on stage; sharing vocal parts with some really lovely harmonies at times. I’d love to see more technical harmonies as the band continue to grow, as I think this will add more depth to their sound. Guitarist Jake Mason and drummer Theo Wlliams had me watching them both for most the set. Some really great chemistry between them and were a joy to watch. I told you this gig was like no other…We were witness to bass players Pedro Silva’s first sip of Irn Bru, thankfully he liked it before a riot broke out amongst the Scottish crowd. I hadn’t looked into the band before the show as I love the element of surprise, I really enjoyed their set and I’d not hesitate in buying a ticket to go see them again.

Opening up with hit track Worry from their most recent album Anixety Replacement Therapy it was clear the Lottery Winners weren’t here to mess around. The room was with them and the audience was like putty in front man Thom’s hand.

Thom: “Alright Dundee, how you doin? We are going to party like it’s a Wednesday night in Dundee.” This is a gig like i’ve never been too before and I’m sure everyone in the crowd would be with me in saying if all else fails with the music career the band would make a quality comedy act. Aptly timed, beautifully present satire about the Scots!

Singing the Undeniable anthem to help them break into the arena gig circuit, a rendition of the Beattles Hey Jude mashed up with their track Favourite Flavour. The band are all talented and work well together, taking it in turns to take lead vocals, Rob being the favourite in Dundee, (Insert -Airhorn noise here)

The set list was comprehensive and well designed in energy, pace and feel, taking us on a journey with the band. Songs, mostly across their last three albums, Let me down, letter to myself, favourite flavour, 85 trips and burning house all featured in the set.

The Lottery Winners are probably one of the most fun bands I’ve seen in a long time. A real show from start to finish they just ooze energy, enthusiasm and absolutely spread joy. The band are polished, stylish and fun! You couldn’t help but get involved whether that was singing along, dancing, stamping and clicking “Like a really sh*t We Will Rock You”. The energy was infectious and you couldn’t stand still for long.

There was two super talented women who graced the stage at Beat Generator tonight, you don’t see it enough in the music industry and both absolutely smashed it. It was empowering to watch and I really hope it encourages other women to get involved in the industry or continues to inspire other female musicians to keep at it.

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Class Gig. Felt like a Wednesday night…

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