Gig Review | The Clause w/ Support @ Mash House

The Clause bring their indie-rock anthems to Edinburgh’s Mash House with support from Fever and Embassy.


Edinburgh based Embassy were the first to take to the stage. As this was a hometown support slot for them, it was nice to see everyone supporting a local band. In their short time on stage, Embassy performed some of their own original material as well as two covers. The first cover was of Kaiser Chiefs’ ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’ and it was a very good one too. Second, was an energetic cover of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. Their sound as a band is definitely influenced by bands like these.

Alongside their two covers, Embassy also played their debut single, ‘You Want It, You Need It’. The guitar heavy track went down well with the audience, with everyone dancing and moving along. They also played another original track called ‘Something I Have To Say’. In their short performance, Embassy definitely made an impact on the crowd, the cheers from around the room evidence of this.


Next to take to the stage was Fever, a five piece band from Hull. The band is formed by James Harrod, Mitchell Capes, Joe Gray, Sam Howell, and Ellis Keogh. Fever’s sound resembles bands like The Strokes and The Academic so they are universal in terms of musical styles.

Their set was filled with catchy and easy-listening tunes, all original too. This included popular singles ‘Jungle Man’, ‘Money Love’, and my personal favourite, ‘Gold Intentions’. These all differ in sound so it was lovely hear the variation of styles in their performance. When I glanced around the venue, I don’t think I saw anyone not dancing along to their tunes. Frontman Harrod has very good stage presence and was able to make everyone feel involved in the performance. It was also nice to see a band moving along with their own music, and not simply standing in one position.

Fever are an amazing band and have incredibly captivating songs. They also all looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying their time on stage. If you ever get the opportunity to see them, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll leave their set with new songs stuck in your head.

The Clause

Headliners The Clause took the stage not long after. The Clause are an “indie-disco” four-piece. They are made up by Pearce Macca as frontman, Liam Deakin on guitar, Jonny Fyffe as bassist, and Niall Fennell on drums.

Their performance was one of the most enjoyable I have ever seen. Their indie-rock anthems sounded astounding live. They walked on to the intro of their song ‘Tokyo’ and began by playing a popular track of their’s called ‘Time of Our Lives’. This went down very well with the crowd, with lots of people singing along. This continued throughout their set, nobody wanting it to end. The Clause also played latest single ‘Hate the Player’. It was only released a couple of weeks before this performance but loads of the audience were still able to shout the words back at the band.

Also played were my two personal favourites by them: ‘Cruella’ and ‘Electric’. The Clause have this classic and nostalgic sound to them that keeps enticing me back to listen to them. This is the same when I saw this set. Hearing those songs live was especially enjoyable. Being able to replicate your recorded songs in a live setting isn’t always as easy as it seems. However, The Clause have got this skill mastered because it was like hearing the exact songs I’d grown use to listening to.

The final track of the night was their most popular, ‘In My Element’. This track has over 1.5 million Spotify streams and hearing it live, I understand completely why it is so popular. The atmospheric anthem was the perfect way to round up what was a very energetic and entertaining evening. Each band member’s personality shone through when they performed and it was like getting to know them. I truly loved this gig and strongly encourage anyone to see The Clause when they can, they are destined for big things!