Gig Review | Motionless & White and Beartooth | 14.3.23 | Barrowlands

American hardcore punk rockers, Beartooth saw Glasgow’s Barrowland venue sold out as they put on an immense and electric energetic performance! With support from fellow American hardcore punk band Stray From The Path, and also the popular metalcore band Motionless in White, the Barrowlands was packed with fans of heavy and alternative rock!

It was evident this was a gig that had a fan base for both bands, and many were clearly there to support and see Motionless in White who ripped through their 10-song set-list including their latest single ‘Werewolf’ which excited fans were delighted to hear live!

The five-piece band demanded the room and the attention of fans with their theatrical metal make-up looks and their energetic performances, particularly with their popular cover of The Killers ‘Somebody Told Me’ in the unique Motionless style. Ending their set with ‘Eternally Yours’, lead singer Chris ‘Motionless’ gave out several unique roses to devoted fans, a staple ‘motionless’ mark. These guys were incredible live and you can see they are changing the future for metal fans as they leave their mark and continue to branch out with their unique goth metal style both visually and in their sound.

More metalcore, mixed with hardcore punk was the strong-spirited and highly energetic Beartooth from the US.
You could feel the energy from the second they stepped to the stage as lead singer Caleb Shomo leapt and jumped from every angle of space available, hyping up the crowd surfers and moshers!

Screaming, sweating and getting the fans hyped Beartooth got the crowd roaring and matching their energy with vocals cheering, head-banging and the iconic ‘here we go’ chant from fans throughout. Their setlist included older fan favourite hits from ‘Devastation’, ‘Body Bag’, and ‘You Never Know’ to their newer releases with ‘Riptide’.

The powerhouse five-piece is made up of Shomo on lead vocals, Oshie Bichar on bass, Zach Huston and Will Deely on guitar, and finally Connor Denis on drums. These guys got the crowd hyped with their electrifying sound built-in with their energy and determination to get the crowd pumped! From their high-powered vocals to their untiring performance, and tireless dynamic sounds, riffs and beats these guys put on a powerful, lively show that the iconic Barrowlands venue deserved.
Shomo did not fail to end the night memorably, championing his way through the room from the stage to the very back blasting out his iconic sounds on guitar to ‘The Last Riff’ each individual fan from the back of the room got a front row seat being blasted with the edgy sound from the final encore.

For anyone who has never seen Beartooth, you’ll leave absolutely exhausted even from watching the energy these guys displayed, and it was clearly contagious and displayed throughout as folks sang their hearts out, moshed and crowd surfed their way through the night.