Self proclaimed ‘pub-punk shed-rock’ rio from Queensland Australia, The Chats have released 2 EP’s and 2 albums since 2016, toured with the likes of Guns n Roses, Queens of The Stone Age and even went viral with their 2017 song Smoko which has had nearly 20 million streams on YouTube to date. Not bad for three misfits from down under. An unlikely match but one which has defied expectations, The Chats were actually one of the best selling artists in Scotland last year. Their recent album Get F**ked reached an incredible number 12 position in the Scottish Album Charts. It’s no wonder this Aussie trio sold out Glasgow’s most iconic venue.

Support from The Chisel

I like to think I’m a bit of a veteran with gigs by now but even I experienced a first tonight. The sold-out room was packed when I arrived just as supports The Chisel were taking to the stage. The London punk five piece wasted no time getting the pits warmed up for The Chats. They sound incredible. Intense, hardcore and drenched in stamina and that’s just the warm up. The anticipation for headliners The Chats is piping hot.



By the time The Chats strum that first chord of opener Nambored, I reckon at least 20% of tonight’s audience have abandoned their tshirts in favour of rubbing their sweaty torso’s against each other. By the time the set hits the aptly titled Stinker – not even half way through – I reckon that’s increased to 50% of young men here tonight. These lads are just exceptional. You don’t see punk done like this often these days. Fast, in your face, confrontational but witty, The Chats energy is endearingly unique.

I started this evening off in my usual tuck shop left of the venue but a few songs in, a few punches thrown around us and I was being magnetically drawn to the sticky pit. A beautiful place to be and by the time I squeeze forward I find myself holding on to a giant wheel of one fan who believes that punk rock has no limits. I was – for the first time tonight (and ever) – assisting a wheelchair to crowd surf.

The band are delightfully relishing in the crowds energy and for the first time in over 15 years I watch as a lit spliff being shared amongst some sweaty mullets. Frontman Eamon stops long enough between songs to share with us that they are one sock away from a full new outfit being thrown in their direction. Obviously by the time the next 90 seconds of pure punk joy is over the outfit is indeed complete.

It’s not often a band can fit in their entire back catalogue into a one hour set but 27 songs in and The Chats aren’t far off hitting a world record on this tour. The stand out tracks have to be new album opener 6LTR GTR then The Price of Smokes which is an absolute belter. Earlier favourites Better Than You, Pub Feed and of course the aforementioned Smoko are awesome heard live.

Ending on a high with Pub Feed the evenings event comes to an abrupt end as the lights come back on with no sign of an encore. Unusual but I think it’s fair to say that The Chats gave more than their fair share this evening and despite only playing an hour, this trio gave more energy that bands with double the stage time couldn’t deliver.

Words by Anne Kelly