‘Crushing’ the indie-folk game right now with her unique atmospheric ballads is the ironically named, Skullcrusher.

Gracing the Glasgow venue Stereo last night, 21 February, New-Yorker Skullcrusher (also known as Helen Ballentine) was concluding the tour for her first full length album, Quiet the Room.

Clara Mann’s opening set featured some epic guitar picking (and tuning) to accompany her angelic vocals, achieving a flawlessly serene ambience for Skullcrusher to walk in to. 

Clara Mann. Image Credit: Alex Paterson

The intimately sized venue befitted the uniquely dreamy tracks of both artists: Mann’s sound created an ambience mirroring that of an open window near some tranquil forestry, with Ballentine sonically replicating a lonely beach at twilight, waves padding against the sand as the stars begin to wake. 

Amongst the mellow tunes we got some “sleepy” banter between Ballentine and her bandmate, Daniel Fox. It was a nice bit of human interaction between the paradisiacal songs.

Ballentine played tracks from the new album as well as some older fan favourites. The evening was a welcome cocktail of tunes, although the main act lasted just shy of an hour, however the length of the set flattered the genre of music. It allowed the audience to feel relaxed, interested, and awed. It stopped just before it soothed anyone into slumber (which would be a compliment; no one would be sleeping out of boredom).

Skullcrusher. Image Credit: Alex Paterson

Whilst the Quiet the Room tour is over, Skullcrusher does not seem to be stopping her music venture anytime soon. Check out her current music and anticipate any future projects (or tours)- they’ll definitely be worth it.

Feature Image Credit: Alex Paterson

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