At just 23 years young, Bellshill lassie Rianne Downey could well be Scotland’s next sweetheart. Known for her big voice and tiny stature, the stunning young talent is quickly ticking off bucket list goals already. Last year saw Rianne headline her own UK tour and support legendary acts such as Paolo Nutini, The View and The Snuts. She has performed in iconic venues such as Glasgow’s Barrowlands and Liverpool’s Cavern Club, where she currently calls home. Rianne’s accomplishments over the past few years are far from shabby but it’s her future which excites the most.

Come What May is the second four track EP from Rianne Downey following 2021’s Fuel To The Flame debut. There is exceptional growth shown here in both Rianne’s songwriting and vocal power. Come What May see’s Rianne explore change, heartache, loss and optimism in her polished country folk/pop manner she has become associated with.

Rianne Downey @ the Barra’s © Anne Kelly


The first track from Come What May is late 2022 single release Home. A sweet sentimental homage to her Glasgow roots with all the elements of a good sing along.

“I wrote ‘Home’ when I was still wondering whether I was going to stay or go. I always wanted to look to and travel over the horizon. Although I love Scotland, being from a small place can make people afraid to venture into the big wide world. That’s great for anyone that can settle, but it was never for me.”

Rianne Downey

Probably the strongest track of the four, Home is a stripped back steady acoustic melody that let Rianne’s soulful vocals take centre stage.


Next up, Hard. Hard moves away from the acoustic tone in favour of an upbeat catchy song carried by an elegant string accompaniment. The upbeat rhythm is juxtaposed against the disposition of heartbreak and the challenges of moving on. A simple yet brilliant radio friendly tune that suits Rianne’s endearing style beautifully.


Title track Come What May is the third track of the EP comes straight in with a powerful soulful fierceness in Rianne’s delivery.

I knew it was too good to be true,
I’ll move on, you’ll miss me, the way that I miss you.’

A simple sleazy guitar lick adds mischief and character that when blended with Rianne’s soulful vocals results in a fun passionate rawness.


Final track is optimistic Alright. A fun upbeat song where Rianne offers reassurances of what’s to come. It’s warm, familiar and a instant crowd pleaser. A song which will no doubt get the audience belting it right back at Rianne when she kicks off her 6 date UK tour next month.

There’s no question as to why this girl is catching everybody’s attention lately. Catchy songwriting skills and sincerely powerful singing, Rianne Downey is for fans of likes of Paolo Nutini and KT Tunstall. Come What May is promising second EP which showcases just how incredible Rianne will be.

Words by Anne Kelly