Gig Review | Sea Girls @ La Belle Angele

Sea Girls edinburgh show

“Shows exactly why Scottish crowds are the best”

Where do I even begin? London based quartet Sea Girls have captured the hearts and attention of many ever since the release of 2017 EP “Call Me Out“. Seven years on, the title track of this EP and every subsequent release have been major hits with indie fans around the world. It’s not just their music that makes Sea Girls such a big hit, their live shows play a monumental role in this popularity too.

Having toured the country numerous times now, Sea Girls have developed a dedicated fanbase of those who resonate with their music on a level I haven’t seen for a while. They’re a band that always have their fans at the forefront of everything they release, and every show they put on. This extends to this most recent set of shows, the Young Strangers Tour. The name of the tour comes from a recently released single of the same title, taken from their highly anticipated third studio album, “Midnight Butterflies“. Along with a couple of unreleased tracks, they also played ‘I Want You To Know Me‘ and ‘Weekends And Workdays‘ taken from the upcoming record.

Photo of Rory by Victoria Durand | Insta: @vicacahuete

This is the third time I’ve managed to catch Sea Girls live, and I can’t pick a favourite show. Previously, they have sold out venues like Glasgow’s O2 Academy and Barrowland Ballroom, both shows were just as memorable as this one. It was really cool to finally catch them in my own hometown. Every single live performance includes insane stage presence, audience engagement and expertly created setlists. While I still haven’t seen my favourite Sea Girls song live, I cannot fault how immaculate their performing truly is. Hits from their previous two albums, “Open Up Your Head” and “Homesick” made the setlist, including fan-favourites ‘Do You Really Wanna Know‘ and ‘Hometown‘.

The energy between the band and the crowd set the sold-out venue alight. With fans singing along with every word and the group dancing along created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere that was next to none. There’s no such thing as feeling embarrassed at a Sea Girls gig. Watching people singing along and dancing without a care in the world is such a freeing thing to witness.

Photo of Oli by Victoria Durand | Insta: @vicacahuete

Guitarist Rory is notorious for never standing still while he performs and he lived up to this reputation once again as he danced along with his bandmates. Andrew, the group’s bassist, was the same as he danced and moved around the stage. Even behind his drum kit, Oli always looked like he was enjoying every moment. Frontman Henry made the stage his own as he climbed up onto the barrier on multiple occasions, getting as close to the crowd as he possibly could, creating an unbreakable connection with fans.

This show in the Scottish capital was an unforgettable night. The liveliness was next level, every word sang back just as loud, if not louder. This particular gig truly showed exactly why Scottish crowds are the best, with our signature chants and noise level through the roof. Sea Girls are a band I’ll continue to see every time there’s a show anywhere near me, and I recommend attending a set or gig of theirs whenever you can.

Photo of Henry (left) and Andrew (right) by Victoria Durand | Insta: @vicacahuete