Gig Review | Picture the Scene w/ Support @ Sneaky Pete’s

Picture the Scene create a storm in Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s club with their sold out gig.

With support from Edinburgh acts Rona Roberts and Insider Trading, this was an incredible night full of local talent.

Rona Roberts

Kicking off this phenomenal night was Edinburgh based singer and songwriter Rona Roberts. Her beautifully clear voice brought her songs to life. The thing that stood out to me with Roberts was her stories that accompanied her own material. She told the tales that inspired and contextualised the lyrics within her tracks. This helped create a friend-like rapport with the audience. With the exception of a Lana Del Rey cover, Roberts sang a setlist of her own work, including newest single, Cowboy Music. I really liked Roberts’ set, she was really easy to listen to and seemed at ease on the Sneaky Pete’s stage.

Insider Trading

Next to take to the stage was another Edinburgh based act, Insider Trading. They are a four-piece alternative rock band. Insider Trading have a sound similar to other post-punk bands like Courting, Shame, Joy Division and The Smiths. What makes them similar to older bands but stand out from most modern bands are their lyrics. They have lyrics which are obviously personal to them and the things they are passionate about. These songs are often categorised as “rebellious” as they normally discuss taboo subjects such as religious or political standpoints.

Insider Trading are a refreshing band, their unique sound and words set them apart from other newer bands. The post-punk sound seems to be making a comeback with bands like Courting headlining their own shows and festivals. I enjoyed their lively set and don’t think it will be long before we see or hear Insider Trading more often. They played a setlist of all their own songs and know how to make a stage their own with their ability to play while also having fun.

Picture The Scene

The final act of the night was headline band, Picture the Scene. They kicked their performance off with their track ‘Get Out’, which is an impressive rock anthem. The starting track really set the mood for the rest of their set. It included a dynamic guitar solo from Lewis Speirs, guitarist and frontman. The rest of their setlist consisted of original material with two covers thrown in too. Their own songs included catchy single ‘Big Boy’ which had some of their dedicated fanbase singing loudly along with them. Each and every song by Picture the Scene sounds just like they do recorded, if not better. They also included some new tracks and I look forward to hearing these when they are eventually released.

Arctic Monkeys’ song ‘Brainstorm’ was the first cover of the night. This song was a perfect choice for them too as it fit their own sound and Speirs’ voice was powerful throughout. The other cover they did was of Harry Styles’ song Kiwi. The latter cover was after an encore. When Speirs started playing it, I wasn’t the only one surprised. However, surprise turned into amazement throughout the cover. For a rock band, I was pleasantly surprised that they had chosen a pop artists’ track. These song choices were perfect for them and catered for the arrayed members of the crowd.

Picture the Scene are a band that are only going to get better. Their powerful sound and dedicated fans make for an impressive sight. Selling out the iconic Edinburgh venue only further proved this. I am really excited to see where they go and what they do next.