EP Review | Saint Sappho | Green Door

Glasgow alt rock duo Saint Sappho make their first release of 2023 with the beautiful EP ‘Green Door’.

Saint Sappho consist of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Zoe Young and drummer Tammy Dyson. The duo made their first release in the Summer of 2022 with debut single ‘Wicked Game’ before making a further release in October with ‘Two in the Room’. Now they’re looking to kick 2023 off in the right way with their debut EP ‘Green Door’.

The EP kicks off with ‘All She Ever Says’, a mid-tempo track built around the rhythm guitar and also features a lengthy melodic guitar solo. Lyrically, Young talks about feeling like different person and wanting to be herself again, whilst the unnamed person she talks to insists she is getting better.

Clocking in at 4 minutes 20 seconds, ‘Broken Again’ is the longest track of the EP. The drums and bass guitar provide the steady backbone whilst a wailing guitar riff appears every now and then. Things move into a rockier tempo after around a minute and a half with distorted chords, heavier drums and a guitar solo.

The title track ‘Green Door’ was inspired by the documentary ‘Gateways Grind: London’s Secret Lesbian Club’. Gateways is London’s longest surviving lesbian club and I bet you can guess what colour the door is. Personally, I find this to be the strongest track on the EP. The verses consist a synth sound as Young sings over the top about the encounters of a previous night. The guitar kicks in for the chorus and Young talks about returning to the club behind the green door. Dyson’s drumming is once again fantastic, particularly in the chorus.

The final track is entitled ‘Lizard Brain’, which is the part of the brain that is primal and controls our impulses. Being unfamiliar with the term I had to Google’s word for it. This one is built around a cool bass riff and sounds more experimental than the rest of the EP. There’s guitar and synth sounds fading in and out throughout and Dyson keeps the steady along rhythm with the bass.

Overall, it’s a fantastic debut for the Glasgow duo. Not only is every song excellent, they’re also very distinctive. After performing at King Tuts earlier this month, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more from Saint Sappho throughout the year. You can catch them next in a headline show at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy in Glasgow on March 19th. Be sure to check out all their social media from the links below.