Gig Review | North Atlas | Classic Grand | 23.9.23

Without a doubt, Scottish alternative rockers ‘North Atlas’ truly deserved their sold-out show at Glasgow’s Classic Grand as they kick off their very first headline UK tour, and they truly set it off with an explosion of creativity, authenticity and high energy! 

The Glaswegian four-piece made up of brothers Leon Hunter (vocals) and Cam Hunter (drums), alongside Michael Hall (bass), and Arran Tarvet (guitar) who are so unique with their individual style and adventurous sound!

📸cc: @marcsharpvisuals

What a way to celebrate the launch of their second and newest E.P ‘The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle‘, which was much anticipated by many as you could feel the suspense in the crowd waiting for the guys to take to the stage. 

The welcoming cheer was deafening and insane and it was evident that the alternative rockers deserved a much bigger space with the energy they brought. 

The crowd continued on a high as the popular ‘Midnight Sun’ was played near the start of their set, taken from their previous E.P. ‘A Weight For The Heavy Handed.

The punching hard-hitting riffs backed up with the powerful beats and rhythm of drums – North Atlas summons your attention in every song and hearing them live gets your heart thumping! The band were on top form with the clear crisp vocals from Leon with added strength and layers in harmonies. 

The atmosphere continued to shift higher as the crowd were getting more ecstatic. It was amazing to hear ‘Hypnotist’ live, a song that has a breakdown that builds to an electric, energetic and big melodic chorus again – which was also evident from feeling the floorboards move with the crowd’s energetic jumping!

After a storm of a build-up, they left the crowd desperate for more as Leon on lead vocals shares:

“Do you want something new?! We’ve never played this before – so you provide the energy – I trust you…”

as the band played their live debut of ‘King of the Dirt’.

The band are fully personal, and making this show special for every person there with the stage presence they bring, and the eye contact with every human being in the room. 

📸cc: @marcsharpvisuals

They have stuck to their unique individuality with their signature look in the form of body paint, the moody red, blue and dark mystical lighting met with the band’s creative flair with their guest. During the newer release ‘Seer’ taken from the new EP, Leon announced during the breakdown for the crowd to make space for a creative dance movement piece by the ‘Strawboy’ which rose to the twisting and electrifying atmosphere with the raw vocals, the riffs and chorus that exploded into life!

“Glasgow we have one more are you with me all your energy,” as they ended their setlist which they rattled through with ‘fasterthanyourthoughts’ a song diving into another belting chorus!

Rattling through their set they deserved this headline sold-out show with a performance to remember and I’m sure this will continue for the Scottish four-piece! 

My top 3 songs from the night: 

  1. Hypnotist
  2. Some Kind Of Circle
  3. Seer