Gig Review | mosaics with Eve Davidson and RAAB | 27/1/23 | PJ Molloy and Sons’

I recently had the pleasure of attending Kirkcaldy band Mosaics’ first ever headline gig, with support from Eve Davidson and RAAB, and what a night it was! The evening took place at PJ Molloy’s in Dunfermline, avenue that has become iconic in the Scottish music scene.

Eve Davidson

Our first support act of the evening was the incredible Eve Davidson, who took to the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and her voice and had us all enraptured within minutes. Some highlights of her set included her opener ‘Making Moves’, which perfectly showcased her voice; ‘Ghosts’, which was described as an ode to Eve’s gothic side; and an outstanding cover of Paolo Nutini’s ‘Iron Sky’. I know it sounds unlikely, but I promise you this was better than the original.

I said at the time I felt like I was in the presence of a young Amy Mcdonald, and I can only hope Eve goes on to enjoy similar success because she is unbelievably talented. I’ve definitely found a new Scottish artist that I will be devotedly fangirling over, and I can’t wait to see what she releases next now that I’ve listened to all her current Spotify material, especially as she played us a recently written, unreleased song . I highly recommend checking her out because I just know she’s going to be huge!


Then we were treated to a set from singer-songwriter Raab, accompanied by two band members. Someone told me before they came onstage that their harmonies were incredible, and I mostly definitely agreed. Raab’s voice is so clear and beautiful too, and I loved the folk-country style of most of the songs, from EP tracks to what I believe was a Harry Styles song reimagined. Raab’s voice is so angelic and soothing to listen to, and I’m so grateful to have found her via this concert.


The headliners came on just after a Killers song had played between sets, so the audience were already hyped up beyond belief and everyone went even wilder to greet the Fife five-piece we were all there to see. Their stage presence was absolutely incredible; the atmosphere in the room was electric from the second they walked on stage. The way they interacted with one another and the crowd made their set so special, but let me be clear, the music on its own was also outstanding.

We got to hear many of the band’s biggest releases to date, such as ‘Can’t See You Tonight’ and ‘Hula, which both have such fun singalong sections. We were lucky enough to hear some unreleased material, which promises to be amazing. It was so great to see new single ’27 Summers’ the same day it was released, and we also got some covers which were massive crowd pleasers. My personal favourite was their take on ‘Wet Dream’ because it’s one of my favourite songs, but ‘Ever Fallen in Love with Someone’ as the closer was also a highlight of the gig.

This feels like a mushy thing to say, but nights like this one remind me why I love music so desperately; I felt so connected to the other people there and I came away feeling such joy, after having discovered 2 amazing Scottish artists and consolidated my love for another. These are all definitely all ones to watch!