Gig Review | Gallus | Audio, Glasgow | 04.02.2022

As far as gigs go, a Gallus gig always brings a certain feel to a venue like no other and a very intimate night in Glasgow’s Audio was no different. A fine warm up for the upcoming tour and their biggest headliner to date in Saint Luke’s. A fundraiser for the bands very well deserved venture over to Texas for SXWS Festival in March and a chance to show the fans what’s to come with some new material. 

The Bleeders

Glasgow based two piece The Bleeders always bring a fun energy that always leave itching for more and to quote a friend “they’re the full 3 course package”. A 30 minute set that had it all from originals to out the blue covers including Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” and “Lets Get It On” by Marvin Gaye


Lights off, walk on music to the Team America anthem, its time for Gallus like you’ve never seen them before. A set that seen several live debut run outs of new songs that are set for release in the not too distant future. Opening with the new tunes, “Moderation” & “Penicillin” before heading into more familiar territory with 2020 single “Eye to Eye”. Through lockdown we were treated to several new Gallus bangers, and for some who were unfortunate to miss the run of shows late last year, had the joys of experiencing not only one, but 3 of the singles – “Marmalade”, ultimate groove “What Do I Know” and most recent single “Fruitflies” rung round a packed and very active Audio.

Now just heading back to the start saying this was a gig like no other – it was meant in every sense of the word. An encore awaited and I know what you’re thinking, that’s nothing new, well this was different. Baring in mind we are in February, out come the boys and kick in with “A Very Fun Christmas”. Rounding off in true Gallus style and a perfect way to prepare for what’s to come.