Gig Review | Dylan Winters and the Posterity @ Nice and Sleazy’s

Dylan Winters and the Posterity kicked off their first gig of the year with their biggest show yet on Feburary 2nd, headlining Nice and Sleazy’s right in the heart of Glasgow. I arrived promptly at the famous venue where the room had a bustling atmosphere as everyone was eager for the show to begin.

Support included The Odd Socks, who’s set had the crowd moving in no time with original song Welcome to the Show and a cover of Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini. They set a good atmosphere for the rest of the gig with their dreamy indie sound and melodic riffs. Their next single Deja Vu, recorded at Abbey Road studios might I add, is due to be released in the next two months.

Up second was the band The Underneath, a West Lothian band who were a lot heavier compared to the other bands. They played a few originals such as Trampoline and Fee Fi Fo Fum. I can see a clear influence from bands such as Korn and other Nu Metal giants. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and the guitarist/vocalist ended it by playing their guitar behind their back. They expanded on the lively atmosphere and by now the room was packed.

Soon enough Dylan and The Posterity graced the stage, smartly dressed with black suits and some ties, and Dylan with his signature sunglasses. The last time I saw them was in August at St Luke’s and I was impressed by them then, but upon seeing them again I was blown away. Dylan’s powerful vocals echoed through the quaint venues speakers, gracing them with the lyrics of original song Runaway.

Dylan puts on a great show and provides lots of audience engagement during songs like Ecstasy, as he had the crowd jumping and singing along with him. He is very emotive whilst on stage, which proves to be a hit with the crowd and encourages an even more lively atmosphere. The first half of their set was reminiscent of the ‘Indie Sleaze’ era of the 2010s, with clear inspiration from bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.

The Posterity are also talented within themselves as the lead guitarist, musically known as Better in Yellow, releases their own music on Spotify and last year collaborated with Dylan Winters on the track Eight! Bars! One! Night!.

For the last song of their set Dylan grabbed his guitar and strummed the melody of original song, Songs About Girls. This approached a much more, mellow, stripped back vibe to the show compared to the rest of their set. This proved to be a fan favourite as the crowd was singing along, even without encouragement. This was released alongside other originals such as Modern Romance, Memory, and Bad Vibes on The Songs about Girls EP last year.

After leaving the stage they were met with chants of ‘one more song’ to which they returned to cover 99 Red Balloons by Nena. This was a great way to return and fire up the crowd again as everyone knows and loves this song. The band also made use of a keyboard for this song as to replicate the famous 80s synths heard throughout the song.

They regrettably closed their set with fan favourite and my favourite, Never in Love, which was the first single released by Dylan. The gig transported me into a nostalgic indie disco which I cherish. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and Dylan Winters and the Posterity never fail to put on a memorable gig, which will impress many to come, and are definitely one of Glasgow’s burgeoning up and coming bands.