Gig Review | Creeper | 6.11.23 | Clyde Rooms

It was really exciting to be in one of Glasgow’s newest music venues: The Clyde Rooms as it welcomed English rockers, ‘Creeper‘ with support from ‘Save Face’ and ‘Nightmares’.

This was my first visit to this venue and it’s a really great venue where you can feel the intimacy and closeness to the band. It holds approximately 700 people but it has great sound and the layout is great for you to be able to see whether you’re at the back, side or the front!

Creeper do not disappoint. The minute it was time for them to come out to Glasgow fans, they were full of commitment! I adore this band’s level of creativity and attention to detail.
They build up an atmosphere that I haven’t experienced any other band do before the way these guys do it. They dimmed the lights and had appropriate ‘spooky’ music playing, with a creepy countdown adding to the suspense and tension. It was giving me haunted house vibes, but it was very appropriate given we were there to see ‘Creeper.’

For anyone who expects sunshine and rainbows, you’d be ludicrous however these guys are extremely entertaining and commit to taking you on an adventure with them as they put on a performance – not just a live show for you.

cc: @Creeper Facebook // Harry Steel

The gig started with a comical announcement from the staff stating the gig had been cancelled due to a blood bath murder, and refunds would be issued. Quickly interrupted by the appearance of Darcia, the Vampire Familiar – a moody and mystical character who is well-known among the Creeper fans. She welcomed fans to what would be a horrifying night and with some comical dark humour she introduced the night adding to the suspense the band did so well to create. Adding to the suspense, opening with ‘Further From Forever’ taken from their newest album, Creeper came out and met all expectations!

With their creativity oozing out from them again with their gothic creative make-up and iconic leather jackets, the gothic rockers from Southampton came to slay! Their music is not what you expect looking at them, with influences from My Chemical Romance, Meatloaf, Ghost, and 80’s ballads.

CC: Creeper Facebook // Harry Steel

The ‘Sacred Blasphemy’ tour featured more songs taken from their latest album “Sanguivore” with “The Ballad of Spook & Mercy”, “Teenage Sacrifice” “Black Heaven” and others, fans also heard hits including “VCR” and “Hiding With The Boys”. Of course, the encore was a fan-favourite ‘Cry To Heaven’. Not only do I love this band for their commitment and creativity, but their sound is insane! They have these amazing low Baratone moody notes, to their creative storytelling through their songs.
The vocals are met with spine-tingling harmonies, particularly during “Misery”.

I’m also a sucker for a key change and I love that many of their songs feature the goosebump key change with the ballad operatic feel!

Of course, this show was a hit for fans and it wouldn’t be a Glasgow gig without some sort of banter and fun from the crowd, as appropriately fans were down on the ground ‘rowing’ to the band’s song “Down Below” from one of their previous albums.

The connection between the band and the crowd was phenomenal and not due to the intimate venue, but rather the band’s commitment and loyalty to fans. The eye contact from each member met the individuals and smiles throughout to the crowd who were clearly hyping the band hard and it was met with such gratitude and thanks as lead vocalist, Will Ghould said:

Ten years we’ve been coming to Glasgow, one of our favourite places to come to – You guys are insane!

And the feelings are mutual Creeper. You are insane and this is not just a gig…it’s a full-on performance full of theatrical features, a gothic and spooky experience met with seriously impressive live sounds. It’s an amazing show and one I cannot wait to attend again in the future.

CC: Creeper Facebook // Harry Steel