Gig Review | Cassyette | The Cathouse, Glasgow | 09.09.2022

As far as opening nights of a tour goes, Friday nights sold out killer show from London’s Cassyette in The Cathouse really set the tone for what’s to come for the rest of the tour – a true ‘start as you mean to go on’ kinda vibe and hard not to be bias but it’s really raised the bar for the rest of the U.K.

Friday night, sold out in one of the best venues Glasgow & Scotland has to offer, what’s not to love really? The excitement circling around the whole tour just shows exactly why she is an artist to watch right now and one of the most exciting live acts around. On the build up to the opening night, there was a surprise single drop the day before – September Rain hit our speakers and what an incredible drop it was – really showing the talent she has with her vocals that brings powerful distorted screams her fans love and adore.

The queue outside the Cathouse was almost the length of Union Street and that’s really no exaggeration – as I said above, the proof is there what this gig is all about for the fans. The doors open and it was time to take the glorious walk up those famous stairs many have so famously stumbled down (if you know you know). A good scope of some tasty merch and into the room we go.

First to take to the stage was the incredible Kid Bookie – the London rapper brought some serious energy to the room with a killer set. Being the bands first time in Scotland, and to quote ‘wanted to make every second count’ and that he absolutely did – it was up there with one of the best support slots I’ve seen in sometime.

The set had it all, the energy in the room spiked instantly as the opening song got underway with a heavy foundation of trashing guitars and drums bashing through the venue. After a slow break midway through the set, huge single Stuck In My Ways rallied the crowd into action as the room opened up for the nights first circle pit. Rounding off a sick set with Radiohead’s classic cover Freak – it’s fair to say the set was a thing to behold from the very start and as far as a first time meeting with the Scots, it was certainly one to remember.

Following the perfect warm up from Kid Bookie and some top of the range bangers from the venue dj, it was time for the main event – the lights dimmer and you can barely hear yourself think from the screams of excitement from a charged up Catty crowd. Her band stroll on to the stage and unleash a clashing drum intro before side of stage, Cassy screams ‘Are you ready Glasgow, scream for me‘ before bursting onto the stage to kick things off with Picture Perfect.

Dear Goth then Behind Closes Doors with extended intro quickly followed a sensational start to the show, in which at times the floor was moving with the power of the bouncing crowd. With only just three songs into the set, the energy from Cassy on stage was something special to witness and just explodes into the crowd who reciprocated it back at her and both just feed of each other in such a special way that just makes these types of shows what they are, really just a cut above the rest.

It was now time for Cassy to give latest single September Rain its live debut – and the response to a song only out 3 days was quite remarkable and nails it down as an instant hit – the vocals on stage were something special as her raw screams ripple around the enclosed venue and really just blow you away in the best possible way. Mayhem next to rally the crowd into a choir like atmosphere and they scream back every word as if it was there last – a real spine-tingling moment.

Now, regardless of what side of the relationship you’re on, Sad Girl Summer is a hard hitter for many that’s been in this position weather you’re a boy or girl and when it’s played live you just unleash all you have and sing your heart out to every verse – for me the song of the night and that song that means the most being so relatable, it’s also incredible live – I say it a lot however it’s another banger that gets the crowd off their feet.

The set was coming to a close and really it was a gutting thought, the atmosphere and all round fun involved just makes you feel you want this to last all night – unreleased songs like Delete You and Boyfriend make fitting additions to an already killer set – it then leads into a flawless outro to the perfect set. Dead Roses the solid B-side followed by Petrichor and Prison Purse saw that all so famous crowd reaction that properly caused it. Cassy leaves the stage before coming back out to incredibly kick into Dear Goth again, twice in the same set really shows the love for such an incredible song.

There you have it, for me one of the gigs of 2022 and one I will certainly remember for a long time to come – not only for how special an evening this was, but also based on the fact this fantastic artist will not be in the small rooms for long because she is destined for the big stage in the near future – if you get the chance to catch her up close and personal, take my word and go. You will not be let down.