Chicago’s American rock band, Beach Bunny finally came to Scotland after many rescheduled and venue upgraded shows due to Covid. They were originally meant to play at The Hug and Pint in 2020, then it got moved to Saint Luke’s in 2021, and finally the show was played at SWG3 warehouse on the 16th of November. I did not originally have tickets for the rescheduled show as I honestly forgot about it, and by the time I looked they were sold out. Luckily my friend had a spare ticket so I was able to go, and I was so excited to finally get to see them live. 

Beach Bunny had released their album in July this year, after working on it for nine months, so they had lots of new music to play. I enjoyed the release of this album and I’m glad their show was rescheduled!

Norwegian singer Siv Jakobsen, who had recently played at the Tenement Trail in the depths of Glasgow, was the support act for the night. I had not listened to her prior to the gig, but her performance left me pleasantly surprised. She is a very soft quiet singer and a silent audience was needed to enjoy her music to the maximum. It was at points hard to listen to what she was singing due to the crowds being chatty, but she made a point to tell the crowd that the next song that she was going to sing was a very quiet song and everyone had to be silent. This song was quite magical as everyone was present in the moment. Starting off with a bit of rock n’ roll with ‘Dream Boy’, the crowd was mesmerised by the dreamy chorus and relatable lyrics. ‘Oxygen’ was up next, the first song from their new album to be played, it had a mix of fast and slow sections of the song which gave the crowd different tempos to dance to. The beloved Tik Tok famous ‘Prom Queen’ was third up and this encouraged everyone to get their groove on, you could see the smiles on the bands faces as everyone went nuts.

Trifilio, instructed the crowd to split in the middle and basically told the crowd how to mosh. She stated that when they were going to play the the next song that everyone should crash into each other and mosh together. I was not prepared for being dragged into the middle of the pit, as I did not expect people to push me in and my entire drink was split over me during the chorus of ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’. It was pretty messy but after that had happened I stopped caring and went full send on the pits.

The second last song on the setlist was ‘Cloud 9’, one of their most popular songs, and Trifilio told everyone to put their phones down and experience the song with your neighbours and to be kind to everyone, it was full of energy and the whole warehouse was screaming the lyrics together. 

The final song ‘Painkiller’, my personal favourite, was the encore. It was super thrilling and I was honestly waiting for this song the entire time as I know it’s a banger, and the song that got me into Beach Bunny. Again, the crowd was told to split and when she started to sing the beginning lyrics ‘You’ve been such a jerk’ and when she sung jerk everyone was supposed to start moshing again. It was crazy and the biggest mosh pit of the night, I just let loose and screamed and jumped till my heart was content. It was a wholesome night where everyone looked out for one another.