The Wonder Years are set to return to Glasgow this month when they play the city’s SWG3 as part of their headline UK tour. The US based pop punk band are setting off on this tour to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their celebrated album, The Greatest Generation.

The setlist for these live shows will be split into two sections: in the first half they will play the duration of their 2013 album The Greatest Generation, and then in the second half they will play a selection of songs from throughout their expansive discography.

Fans are sure to be in for a treat when this Philadelphia born group bring their tour back to Scotland, especially if last year’s show in Glasgow’s Saint Lukes was anything to go by. Exploding with energy and the level of crowd enthusiasm that should be at every gig (as is at every Wonder Years gig), mosh pits and crowd surfing included; this years show is sure to just get bigger and better as the band celebrate their best live shows to date.

Having released their latest album The Hum Goes on Forever in 2022, and then playing a variation of summer shows across the continents, it is fair to say this alternative band are in outstanding form and will be bringing the strongest of their live performances to Glasgow.

Upon announcement of this run of shows, lead singer Dan Campbell took to social media to express his and the band’s excitement for playing these sets in this part of the world, as the US based band seem to have always had a soft spot for their UK gigs. When their album The Greatest Generation was first released back in 2013, The Wonder Years marked this occasion by playing all 6 dates of the UK festival Slam Dunk that year, so it is fitting they are playing a similar run of shows in this island to celebrate a decade of success for the album. This band are sure to put on a vibrant and utterly freeing show which will be a treat for fans to be part of!