It’s very rare these days you get a show in your hometown that creates a buzz like Adam Scott’s sold-out show at the Market Inn did. Adam Scott’s first headline show as a solo artist in Ayr tonight selling out the 100 capacity venue in just four days. All we’ve got to go off for Adam Scott so far is his debut single “Open Me Up”, with myself and most of the crowd going into this gig a bit blind as to what the night will entail. 

The Market Inn is a bit of a “right of passage” for Ayr musicians and bands to come through. It has a bit of a gorilla gig vibe as you snake through a busy traditional pub upstairs into the function room upstairs. You see the janky PA set up and the makeshift stage that has served the venue for probably more than a decade. It can has a great atmosphere when busy and tonight certainly had that for the sell out show.

I make my way upstairs at the venue and squeeze myself to a good vantage point to take in tonight’s performance and bump into a few friends who are all just as equally excited for tonight’s maiden performance from Adam Scott. 

Speaking to Adam Scott before he took the stage I got a bit of an insight as to what to expect for his debut headline and the first gig with his band describing his set to have “loads of energy”. Adam and his band look that part tonight, Adam boasting a pair of tartan dungarees and doc’s his band looking equally rock and roll and dressing for the occasion. 

The night starts with an ominous dark rock instrumental to really set the atmosphere – everyone in the crowd are immediately hooked. There doesn’t seem to be any sort nerves from the frontman Adam tonight who definitely is here to take in the occasion. 

We get to the fourth song of the set and Adam calls out “Are you with me! Go fucking mental!”. And the crowd does, with a mosh pit opening up in this tiny room. You can feel the floor bouncing, even while I’m standing towards the outside of the room.

There’s loads of punk and indie tones from all the songs tonight, which I hope they soon get a chance to be recorded and released so I can keep listening to them. “Music In The Dark” being a particular stand out of the set for me! The song slows down the set a touch and gives Adam a chance to show off his riffing skill’s on the guitar, with his band showing nice harmonies.   

Second to last we get “Open Me Up”, being the only song that anyone tonight has really heard and the crowd shows that. With probably a majority of the crowd singing along.

Photography credit; Innis Reid

Lastly we end with “Penny” which pretty much continues with the same raw energy as the rest of the night. It was a fast paced set which was blasted through. I really can’t wait to see this same performance on a bigger stage and I am really looking forward to hopefully hearing some of the new music released. I honestly can’t believe that this was the first performance ever for this band! 

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