EP Review | Win Fight Dream Lose | Tanzos

Tanzos have notified us that 2022 still has a lot to offer by way of captivating music with the unveiling of their latest EP, Win Fight Dream Lose.

This collection of work, very much akin to an Odyssey with the subject matter being life takes the listener on a journey encouraging self reflection every step of the way. This has a very bright sound, with an extremely tight rhythm section. It’s somewhat refreshing to hear from a new entry into this kind of genre as it’s not as reliant on counter melodies to drive the songs. They do this themselves in a very self serving way which I always feel makes the sign of a well thought out and crafted piece of work.

As clean as this EP sounds, it’s littered with sonic influences. I feel a few of these songs could perhaps in another life belong in the pages of a Nick Cave songbook, but the vocals and Instrumentation give them an overwhelming sense of individuality. This is thanks to vocalists ability to project the sound of a life that has been lived. Listeners will find truth within his syllables.

We begin with the title track, Win Fight Dream Lose. The track itself is an uplifting homage perhaps to the trials faced in life, it’s carried again by this tight rhythm section, the guitar tone is something to keep in mind when listening to this EP as I can’t help but to appreciate how it compliments the themes that are being discussed, there is a slight melancholic element to them, and this is really highlighted for me during the chorus with the simplistic strumming to accent the lyrics, I feel this allows the tonality to perform most of the work here which again can be a skill which is often overlooked nowadays.

Good intentions follows. This is almost like a retrospect on a well thought out lifespan, there are some themes of hopelessness here particularly as the chorus rings, “no-ones gonna see good intentions that we hold”. A statement that resonates with a lot of people. I feel the work from the drummer is particularly highlighted in this track. It’s a steady, but heavy rhythm and I can ignore this ethereal boost that I feel when focusing on it.

We’re now introduced to The Solitary Scene. There’s a lot more bite to this track. I feel it’s a little more critical on the aspects of life here, and upon two or three listens to this EP now I’m really thankful for the artistic choice to make this song a little heavier. The lyrical content of the track makes me think of a conversation one would have with their younger self.

The most captivating track of this EP for myself is the next song, Mood Swings. We start on a more minor tone, lyrically this song is more present. It’s not as reflective here, the singer is perhaps insinuating the end of the aforementioned conversation with their younger self. The level of sincerity in the vocals remains a constant all throughout but is particularly highlighted here. Musically, this introduces listeners to an almost Arpeggiated guitar rhythm, it’s compelling to say the least. I’ve not heard a rhythm like this before, and it’s executed beautifully here to drive the song home.

Finally, the EP ends on a piano version of Nevermind. This is a more intimate vibe, and quite fitting with this being the final song. “There’s always a reason to cry” is welded to the listener like a regrettable tattoo for the duration of this song, yet it acts as a mantra to encourage one to carry on.

From beginning to end, this EP keeps the listeners attention intact through dramatic shifts in tone. A line that still resonates, ‘Gives you the idea of what they wanna hear’. Ironically Tanzos have a near clairvoyant understanding of their audience, and particularly themselves. This is a very honest piece of art. Comparisons can’t help but be drawn from the likes of Nick Cave, however I am certain that this EP will undoubtedly influence artists in itself, and for the benefit of Mr. Cave and that ground that he has covered, I believe this EP offers a glimpse of what might have been if only a few more steps were made.