Aberdeen’s alternative rock band releases its new EP ‘How Many Nights’ and we’re here for it.

As the artists themselves describe it, the EP is a journey about how life has been like for the past few years for many people. With news and tragic events devastating our lives and being constantly surrounded by information and content of all types all the time, Vansleep’s singles echo the anxieties and uncertainty that we face as we navigate these tough waters of life.

I really enjoyed giving the EP a listen as it reminded me as to why I like alternative rock in the first place. The singles had an exciting range of guitar, bass and drums to keep me hooked.

Picture Credits: HunnyBee Management

‘Well, You Disappointed Me Boy’ is a song I would love to catch live. I can only imagine the energy it will bring within the audiences. It uses electric guitars very prominently. It’s rebellious, it’s got a bit of sarcasm and a bit of passive aggression. The lyrics are catchy and definitely something I can see resonating with a vast majority of folks. A great opening song to the EP and I thoroughly enjoyed the guitar and the finely placed chord progressions.

‘Past Times and Future Lows’ is the second song in the EP. “If it’s okay to not be okay, then why do I still feel I’m slipping away” chants the chorus of the song and yes, life really does feel like that most of the time. The song portrays the anxieties that we carry with us in these trying times. But something about having a powerful guitar solo to give music to my emotions is perhaps even more invigorating.

Picture Credits: HunnyBee Management

‘Welcome to to 1%’, the third track in the EP, is definitely a very energetic, fast flowing song. It’s got all the angst, anxiety and the dread of uncertainty all wrapped into the guitar riffs. Welcome to the 1% is fast, sinister, and a nice addition to the album. If anger and angst had a song, it’s this one.

‘The Carnival Is Over ‘ has more mellow tunes and is my personal favourite from the EP. ”This carnival was over long ago” represents the sad state of affairs of the present political climate. I think it is especially fitting with the recent economic hardships people have been facing in the country. It’s a cry for help, a calling out in frustration. “How many nights??” the group cries – which I think is the perfect ending to encapsulate what the entire album tries to represent through its music.

Vansleep are a super talented bunch. They have opened for the likes of the View and the Retro Video Club. The EP is nostalgic and familiar as it is increasingly relevant in the current context of socio-political struggles happening all around us. I am excited to see all that the band has in store for its fans in the future. Vansleep is headlining at Cafe Drummonds in Aberdeen on the 26th of May – I would definitely encourage everyone to catch the launch of their fantastic new EP!