EP Review | Redolent | Make Big Money Fast Online Now

Every song portrays the real life issues and problems society go through.

Debut EP from Redolent ‘make big money fast online now’ is electric. The five song collection from the Edinburgh based band talks of various concepts such as work and the benefits we reap from such work.

The title track is first, it’s steady and upbeat. It begins the common theme held throughout the subsequent tracks of planning for the future. It proposes a time where finances aren’t a worry. The chorus is hopeful, “I got a plan, just picture the places that we’ll all go, when we got the cash“.

Second track, ‘Death in the Family’ continues a similar theme. This song discusses getting away from the stresses of life such as financial or family worries. “Maybe we should just move somewhere hot and be happy”, symbolises being somewhere more peaceful or pleasant and further from the things that are worrying them. The tune also presents the concept that we are working continuously and not seeing the benefits of such work, “dark on the way to work, dark on the way home from work“. Again, this is an upbeat song but this reflects away from the more though-provoking lyrics.

Next is ‘Space Cadet’. The literal meaning of this phrase is being a dreamer, eccentric, and out of touch with reality. This song is a description of feeling like all your thoughts are incoherent, that they don’t make much sense, “my head’s filled with scrambled egg, I’m a space cadet”. This could also mean that even if your thoughts make sense to you, they could be completely “scrambled” to others. The lyric, “but then you’re seeing if it makes any sense“, produces a picture of someone trying to decipher your thoughts and feelings.

Fourth song is ‘we should catch up if you’re around’. Like the title track, this song paints an image of planning for the future, but also of reflection. “Just turned 16“, tells the story of when they were younger and things were most likely a lot more simple. Additionally, “there are things I still think about“, points towards looking back on those times and the things that may still be relevant today. The words in the title of this track are included in the bridge, “we should catch up if you’re around”. These propose a more hopeful light, one where new opportunities and experiences can be made.

The final song on this EP is ‘extreme mood swings’. This is a tune that also represents self-reflection. It announces the idea that our moods and behaviour determine how people react to us, and whether they stay or not. “Freaking people out with my behaviour“, supports self-realisation that our actions are crucial in our relationships with others. However, it touches on concepts that can influence these but also that they don’t make us everything we are. Lyrics backing this are “a bad sign, homelessness or prison…a bad sign, that’s no way of living“. This proposes the choices some people make that are influential in their actions.

Edinburgh based Redolent really know how to make an entrance, this debut EP proving just that. The words in every song portray the real life issues and problems society go through. Each song is likely to resonate with someone. There is also a clear theme, even if you don’t look at lyrics. Musically, every song has a collection of synth sounds that joins them together in a cohesive musical pattern. It is an excellently produced release, I can’t wait to listen to their next projects.