Birthday Cake released their debut EP “Methods of Madness” on August 6th. 

The 5 track EP blows wide open with “Hypochondriac”- a fast-paced, punk rock infused banger, capturing your attention with crunching guitars and mind-bendingly fast drums. Undoubtedly setting the bar for the rest of the EP. The tracks to follow showcase the band’s ability to experiment with alternative sounds, emphasising the diversity and confidence Birthday Cake already posses. 

“Mother Mary” harbours a more cheerful tone. The guitars, now clean and tranquil and the groove more upbeat. The melancholy undertones of the lyrics however, don’t go unnoticed. 

“The Unknown” warms the soul with pleasant jazz notes. Smooth guitars and sliding bass notes invite you to sing along. The change in pace to a distorted instrumental at the end creates contrast within the track, drawing the listener back in for the next song.

“Methods of Madness” highlights the undistilled talent from these new Glasgow rockers. No two tracks on the EP are the same. Lyrically, “Methods of Madness” follows a night out gone wrong. Musically, the EP reflects the chaos of such nights with the alternating styles. 

“Why Are We Like This” could be considered the peak of the chaos. This track starts off slow. Gentle grooves and raw vocals build this track until the almighty instrumental takes the wheel. 

“Retrospect” ties the EP together with a rainy-Sunday vibe. McDairmid’s dulcet vocals sit on top of the contrasting distorted guitars and the foundation of jazz rhythms. 

As a whole, the uniquely gritty vocals paired with the adaptive musicianship paints Birthday Cake’s career in an optimistic light. 

Unrefined, authentic and willing to experiment – a recipe for success! 

The cherry on top is that you can catch Birthday Cake at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow on September 28th.

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