New release from Glasgow’s favourite punk trio.

Formed in Glasgow in 2012, Baby Strange are a punk three-piece who are renowned force on the live circuit. They are back with a brand new five-track EP, their first record since their 2017 EP Extended Play.

The record jumps right in at the deep end with an anthemic opening track “More! More! More!”. It’s a fan favourite for a reason with its infectious riffs, rumbling bassline, and massive chorus. The track’s fusion of genres makes for the perfect opener to set the tone for the rest of the EP. Now that’s what I call music.

Next, the menacing track “I Want to Believe” cuts deep with its lyrics pondering paranoia and sin. It keeps up the momentum fired up with thrashing guitars and a soaring chorus that will get stuck in your head all day long. Infused with endless untapped raw energy, the track perfectly showcases their ability to write a track that is equal parts melodic and hard-hitting.

“There’s Something There” offers a slightly different feel with its funky bassline. It has the same ferocious punk feel as the previous tracks, but it’s imbued with infectious disco energy complimented by the dynamic vocal melodies throughout.

“Club Sabbath” is an amped-up dance anthem; an ode to their infamous Glasgow club night charged with choppy guitars and an insane chorus, encapsulating the feeling of their raucous nights in the Priory. With thumping drums and distorted vocals, there is no doubt about it, the track is made for the dancefloor.

The closing track, “Over n Over” finishes on a high note and takes no prisoners as it tells the all too familiar story of an alcohol-fuelled vomit-soaked night out. The track is a singalong anthem that rounds things off nicely never slowing down.

In all, “Land Of Nothing” is a punchy record that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a messy night out in Glasgow from a band who push limits and improve their sound with every release. One listen to this EP will leave you longing for pre-pandemic life and the feeling of live music and mosh-pits, something we will all hopefully experience again soon.  

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