The long awaited release by Declan Welsh and the Decadent West is finally here! This album really holds something within itself for everyone with romantic, comedic and political carried throughout we were not left disappointed.

No Fun kicks off the album, already released a whole back, it tells the story of an after gaff (one we can probably all relate to) where there is an insufferable show off character present who won’t shut up and to be honest it’s just a class relatable track to start the album off. We are then met with the other tracks which were already released as singles, the brilliantly written Absurd deals with the struggles of having no money and living on breadline in 2019 and How Does Your Love gives us a totally different disco vibe being about rubbish standard nightclubs in Lanarkshire.

Be Mine the 7th track on the album definitely reminds me of some early Arctic Monkeys material which Declan himself had mentioned they had channeled into that particular kind of vibe. Do What You Want lowers the tone with hazy guitar riffs setting the pace for Different Strokes which carries a political tone, another track that once again proves this band are more than capable of writing about serious issues as well as keeping the not-so serious status in some of their other tracks.

Dealing with heartache and disappointment in People Let You Down, this track is sorrowful but relatable to times when you feel you’ve been mistreated and will definitely fit into everyone’s sad playlists well. The guitar heaviness pucks up again in The Dream and in the reminiscent Never Go Home which looks back on the youthful benders you’d have before life got dulling and serious. Lastly we were blessed with Times a beautiful track written about not worrying about the past or future but living for the present and enjoying yourself in the moment, a perfect way to wrap up this masterpiece.

This album is lacking nothing it is in my eyes, absolutely perfect. The boys are currently on tour and are set to play to a sold out crowd at St Lukes on the 15th of November with support from Fauves, Spyres and Niche Market, I can’t wait!

listen to the new album here :