Black Veil Brides | Gig Review | 20.2.23 | O2 Academy Glasgow

Unfortunately, I missed out on Cemetery Sun due to the mass mils of people queuing to get into the sold-out gig hosted at 02 Academy. I was delighted to be able to catch the second support act, the outstanding Lilith Czar.

Her powerful ballad vocals stunned me and the high notes she was able to hit would shock you with how impressive her vocal range is. She opened up her 7 song set-list with ‘Feed My Chaos’ which she succeeded in introducing her rock vocals, met with attitude, and her trademark style to the Glasgow crowd who were eating it up every single second.

For those who were brand new to hearing the mesmerising Lilith were not disappointed as she included two thrilling covers of ‘100 Little Deaths’ and my personal highlight from this set-list: ‘Edge of Seventeen’ by Stevie Nicks. Lilith performed with her full body, mind, and soul – tambourines and guitar included throughout.

Lileth’s music is motivational and empowering particularly as she performed ‘King’ where she spurred the crowd with her vision behind this song ‘if this is a man’s world, then I want to be King’.
Her whole heart poured out as she thanked the crowd with such sincerity and you could tell how much she loved the Glasgow crowd. I think we did a pretty good job in giving her that appetite to hurry back to Scottish fans!

Lileth who is married to the lead singer of Black Veil Brides front man did a phenomenal job of getting the crowds energy up to 100 ready for the American rockers consisting of Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Jinxx (guitar, violin), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Christian ‘CC’ Coma (drums), and Lonny Eagleton (bass guitar).

From Hollywood, California to the streets of Glasgow the American rock band delighted fans with a wholly unique mixture of new material and old hits from their first album ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ with the incredible song richly textured with Biersack’s vocal range with ‘Knives and Pens’. Opening their set with ‘Crimson Skies’ with bursts of guitar, to the melodies that you can’t ignore from their album ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ it was brilliant to hear a new release from the same album as they played ‘Scarlet Cross’.

Each song they played in their 16-song set-list warranted a place at this show. This was also one of the gigs where I was constantly surrounded by female screams as they poured out their adoration to Biersack, who was visibly making deliberate eye contact with different areas of the room, performing to every single fan that stuck out in the cold for miles queuing to see these performances.

With Jinxx and Jake performing throughout back to back displaying their musical talents with their rocking riffs, rich in complexity, Jinxx showed off his further skills introducing his spine-tingling violin skills impressing us with how the strings fit so well with their individual rock sound.

CC: Black Veil Brides

Ending on a 3 song encore, the house lights came up and lighters in the air for the iconic, poetic, and truly heartfelt meaningful song ‘Lost It All’, which you can tell is truly sung with so much passion and emotion. The mood shifted and the energy rose further with two older hits ‘Fallen Angels’ and ending on a personal and many fans’ favourite ‘In The End’.

Biersack shared a true message of thanks to the fans for ‘spending our hard-earned money to come to see a rock show’ and what a rock show this was!