Biffy Clyro l Big Top Edinburgh Review l Jun 25th 2022 l

June was bound to be a good month for Scottish music fans with the announcement of amazing artists such as Fat Boy Slim, 50 Cent and Madness playing headline shows at Edinburgh’s big top. However no band can create an atmosphere in Scotland quite like Biffy Clyro. Despite playing Scotland frequently, the trio always seem to bring an element of excitement to every show for fans old and new and their performance on Saturday was no exception of this.

The day kicked off with a great start with warm weather, cold drinks and amazing support from Lucia, an up and coming artist, that in the best way possible brings a completely unique sound. Biffy Clyro took the stage at 8:30 opening with tracks from their newest album, The Myth of Happily Ever After. The group shook up the setlist since the shows played shortly after the albums release including their large scale performance at Glasgow Green in November. This was a good way of keeping things fresh for fans that had seen the group before. The setlist was notable for its good variety. Having been a band for around 20 years, there’s a lot of songs to squeeze into a two hour set and the group have always done a good job of creating a balance of songs old and new as well as a mix of their different styles.

The three piece band kicked of the night with an explosive energy which was maintained throughout, playing iconic heavy songs such as The Captain and Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies as well as slowing it down with their much loved and Heartfelt, Machines. The energy in the crowd was incredible with fans singing and dancing, the crowd was not too rowdy as seen before at Biffy gigs, the atmosphere overall was just really nice.

The onstage sound was incredible, especially considering the show took place within a tent. Each track sounded just like the original studio recordings. The band finally closed the show with Many of Horror, an incredible song live as the audience can easily sing along and belt out the lyrics. Even as the venue emptied and the the band left the stage there was an impromptu sing along to the groups song Folding Stars, just highlighting how incredible the atmosphere is and how there is almost a community within the fans at Biffy gigs. Again the trio performed incredibly and still remain a band that every music fan should try see at least once.