Between City Lights | Talking Out Loud | EP Review

Between City Lights is an up and coming self produced, one-man band created by Connor Rezin. He has released some songs prior to Talking Out Loud and is up and coming in the Aberdeen area. Most recently Between City Lights released the EP, ‘Talking Out Loud”.

The EP kicks off with the opening track “Talking Out Loud”. The track opens with synth and vocals fitting in with Rezin’s style perfectly. The track is instantly interesting to listen to with its unique synth sound and clean vocals. The EP from the get go is clearly very well produced. The track’s chorus is very upbeat and explosive creating great dynamics within the piece. The chorus and verse combined create great energy and are very catchy, this track is one of those songs where you can imagine a crowd singing along with because of the energy it brings. Overall, “Talking Out Loud” is a great track and sets the tone up for the rest of the EP perfectly.

Second on the EP is, “Space”. Space begins with a completely different tone to the first track however the eerie guitar and building drums instantly catches your attention. The track is filled with amazing harmonies and layering really showing of the songwriting skills behind the piece. The tune has a lot of anticipation and building to the chorus which makes it in interesting and great listen. This track really is like no other and really shows how unique Between City Lights is as an artist. This song really adds versatility and a range within the EP whilst keeping it within the same style.

Finally the EP finishes with “The Fires of 2003”, a punchy and energetic tune with a bit more edge. The track is full of energy as well as catchy guitar and synth riffs and melodies. This song is a great ending to the EP as it really feels like the “Talking Out Loud” end on a bang.

In summary, “Talking Out Loud” is a great EP with amazing layering, vocals and production. The three tracks show great versatility within the artist and overall make the EP a great listen. It is safe to say that “Thinking Out Loud” will leave you eager to hear what’s next from Between City Lights.