Album Review | Neon Waltz | Honey Now

Scottish indie rock band Neon Waltz make their return with second album “Honey Now”.  The album which was produced in a very interesting location, three miles from their native town of John O’Groats, in a castle to be precise. As well as an intriguing recording location, the band have gone from six members down to four. The album which consists of 10 tracks welcomes us to their new sound.

In Honey Now, we hear how this has impacted their sound. The album explores themes of loss, love and regret, with some tracks even bringing a tear to your eye.

The first track Honey Now starts the album off. It eases us in with a soft keyboard melody and equally soft vocals from Jordan Sheerer. This peaceful track gives you a sense of being welcomed back.

As Good As Gone brings the album to life. The track touches on the theme of loss and is a perfect opening to the album’s story. The happiness of the song helps to describe a new beginning.

Third track, The Stranger Things, brings us lonely acoustics along with a beautiful use of piano throughout. The raspy vocals from Shearer adds a level of melancholy to the track. 

Previously released in June of this year, A Million People is written about lockdown. Lyrics like “stir crazy” speak on how it felt during this time. Neon Waltz have a solid indie rock sound here, as well as thrilling electric guitar.

A delicate and simply heartwarming song comes next. Birthday is perfect for a slow dance or a cry or maybe even both. It is filled with the sound of piano and a soothing drum. It builds towards the end what a gripping electric guitar solo.

In Thoughts/ Dreams/ Regrets, Neon Waltz achieve an eerie guitar from beginning to end as well as the dreamy keyboard. This is followed by psychedelic pop sound in the track All I Need.

The track lowers the pace of the album as it talks about someone seeing all of them, including their past mistakes with lyrics like “you’ve seen it all”. With heavy drums and guitar at the bridge of the track making Neon Waltz sound massive.

Throughout All In Good Time, the lyrics “Don’t Look Back Victoria, don’t hold on to the doctors note the past is past no blood on our hands” paint an unsettling picture for the listener portraying that something truly heartbreaking has occurred.

The rhythm will have you swaying from side to side. The title suggested that you need to be more patient by saying  “Good times are coming in.” The lyrics are beautiful and may even bring a tear to the eye.

The album is wrapped up with the two tracks When All is Said and Done and This Time Next Year.

The guitar melody in When All is Said and Done makes it a proper indie anthem. To me, lyrics like  “When all is said and done I need you to find another way out”  portray the idea that people never change but hoping for them to anyway. It almost feels like a goodbye with the guitar solo at the bridge closing off the track. 

This Time Next Year is a beautifully written piano track bringing the album to a close. It is quite emotional which can be heard in the vocals: “Somewhere in my tragedy there is love and pain and power”, showing all these feelings will be gone this time next year. The symphonies in the background give this song a magical ending.