“Unlucky 4 you if you haven’t heard of Dullards sooner”

By Jack Boa – Discovery Music


Power rock duo “Dullards” consisting of vocalist George Pilgrem and multi-instrumentalist Roger Heathers have decided after four self produced singles to bless our ears with a two sided album set to be released in April 2022. “From On High” was written and produced by “Dullards” themselves which has been expertly mastered by Neil Treppas.

I’d like to start by saying that the sound produced in this album is something hardly heard in today’s musical world which is really refreshing.

The “Dullards” have been quoted to have ELO and Queen influences. However, personally I hear other influences that bare resemblance such as; David Bowie, Styx, Mr. Big (in terms of musical proficiency and tightness), Rainbow and in more modern times, The Darkness. 

“From On High” is an amalgamation of 70’s power and glam mixed with a 2000s present day chunkiness that is all inherently Lo-fi. With its feels and tones that allow the album to stand on its own two feet.  

 George Pilgrem really does an excellent job on his vocal duties by giving the listener more than one occasion to sing along to. His vocal ability compliments the instrumental tone and pace delivered by Heathers. Several songs in the album also demand a lower and refrained pitch and flair that is served with flying colours. 

Roger Heathers shows us how it’s done with his mind bending bass, goosebump-inducing lead guitar and wonderful use of drums that disregard any of the neighbourhoods noise limits. Heathers also throws himself into lead vocals as himself and George Pilgrem each have five and six songs respectively as lead vocalist. Rodgers vocals give a contrasting effect that radiates through the album and sounds fantastic when brought together.

The Album| Side A | :

Side A of “From On High” consists of six songs :

“Unlucky 4 You” – G

“Grand Pier” – R

“Working Title” – G

“Killer Delight” – G

“Earth Song “ – G

“Grey Stone Wall” – R

Two songs that really caught my eye are songs “Unlucky 4 You” and “Killer Delight”.

“Unlucky 4 You” is a high pitch and plucky opening hit that really does set the pace. The track gives off somewhat of a barbershop quartet feeling, with the style of mixing used on the vocals that I think suits well.

“Girl You’ve Broke My Heart”

– Earth Song

“Killer Delight” really stuck to me due to the warmer sounds and more powerful strumming used throughout. The mix also becomes more sporadic and unhinged and as a result fits and moulds to the discussion of a killer instinct within the track. There is a sense that the singer is having a conversation with themselves about how to feel and react to certain situations.

The Album| Side B | :

Side B of “From On High” consists of five songs:

“Didn’t You Know” – R

“Fuck That Been There Got The T-Shirt”- G

“Tantamount To Retrograde” – R

“You Should Be More Happier With Me” – G

“Younger Than I Realise” – R

My two favourites on this side of the album are “Didn’t You Know” and “Tantamount To Retrograde”.

“Didn’t You Know” is a heavy bass driven, eye opening start to Side B and it sticks in your mind from the start. About halfway through Roger fires up the old six string and wrangles out a solo that I can only describe as Lo-fi Meatloaf. The whole song just gives off a powerful and heartfelt feeling.

“ Here I am Staring At Walls Again Without a Shadow of Doubt in My Mind”

Tantamount to Retrograde – Dullards

“Tantamount To Retrograde” helps me unclutter the doubts in my mind. Roger really gives a personal and sombre tone that really fits its half way placement, giving it a feeling of recollection before continuing to the final act.

Some Words From GPSTH:

I managed to ask George Pilgrem some questions to give us an insight and better understanding of “Dullards” and one of the minds behind them.

Question 1;  How did yourself and Roger come to make music together?

Answer 1: “I met Roger very briefly in a pub in London. Exchanging some Lemon Twigs tickets, it transpired we had friends in common and with a crossover in musical taste we both realised we were artists of the highest calibre.  I did some backing vocals on a couple of his solo tracks around 2018. So we decided to do a song or two and now it has led to this collaboration album.

 Question 2:  Where do you see yourself musically in ten years?

Answer 2:  “I’m releasing a very Lo-fi experimental glam/indie album next year. After that I plan to upscale either with a band project or as a solo artist. I intend to do this by putting together a good band and polished album as it is about time I show the world what I can actually do. Roger has a budding solo career and another band with his school mate. So I think he will be focusing on that”.

You can expect to hear from both George Pilgrem and Roger Heathers continuously into the future. Whether it be with GPSTH’s solo career with an album dropping next year or with his band “The Jolly Knaves” who are currently writing new material. Roger is also a prolific artist who will have plenty of new tunes on the way as he is in another band called “Pea Green Boat”.

End Of The Road: 

“From On High” is 34:33 of utter emotional highs and lows. Songs that both sting and heal separately and also simultaneously. The quality of production and mix of this album considering their size is a testament to the work ethic “Dullards” have. I honestly do believe that this album shows a need for more 70’s power rock with a double measure of Lo-fi added for that unwinding affect.

“From on High really is Dullards Killer delight”.