Northern rockers Pure Grief give us their take on mid-noughties punk rock on their latest single “Electric Gold”.

Pure Grief emerge through the wave of quality music coming out of the North of Scotland with a cracking wee track to tickle your eardrums. Hailing from the furthest extremity of our fair lands, Caithness, this power trio ooze attitude and swagger. They have been on the scene for over 3 years now grinding and honing their sound and skills. All their hard work has culminated in the creation of their debut album, “Loyal To No One, Local To Nowhere”, due out on the 10/07/2020, and if the first single “Electric Gold” is anything to go by, it paid off!

The guys create raw energy on “Electric Gold”, utilising fuzzy distorted guitar tones, heavy bass lines, and thrashing open ride cymbal grooves. The tone of the track is epitomised in the main bluesy power riff, showing off the technical ability of frontman Peter Bacon whilst letting you know you’re in for some good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. All the while drummer, Darren MacLeod, ride his kit like a donkey. I hope you like it loud.

These talented lads know how to construct a song utilising dynamics, keeping you focused in the verses then letting it all out in the anthemic chorus: “It’s just a sign of the ti-imes…”. Heavy riffs, palm-muted licks, dirty bass lines, epic choruses, and glass-shattering interludes, what else can you really ask for.

Listen at your leisure below.