With an array of musical abilities Fabio Whyte has been part of several musical projects over the years and with each one has proven to be a talent. Nearly a year on from the release of EP ‘Misty Words’ Fabio has recorded and released the very uplifting’Carnival of Life’ from the comfort of his own home which shows within the homely undertones within this track.

Like many of his other tracks this one is a treat to the ears as it is bound to raise spirits. Taking a different approach from previous tracks we are indulged with a ukulele leading the way on this one. With soft percussion in the chorus complimented with subtle use of a glockenspiel this track has a sense of innocence and playfulness revolving around it. With each verse there’s a development in instrumentation with a joyful, yet subtle percussion in the first mantra of the chorus which later on includes a soft humming bass highlighting the singers crystal clear vocals.

In all a very enlightening track from a musician who has done very well for himself and I look forward to hear what else he has to offer.