The latest brainchild of Janine Shilstone and Hamish Reilly details the need to break free mediated through the riveting rock confidence that we’ve come to expect from them on new track ’HADES’

With a video packed with mannequins, strobing red lights and elaborate sci-fi inspired costuming, no one can say that VUKOVI don’t know how to create a lasting image in the minds of listeners. The duo have been on a seemingly never-ending upwards trajectory as of late and with new album NULA right around the corner, let’s just say that they have some things to air out. ‘HADES’ is rooted in a revenge fantasy in which vocalist Janine highlights a situation where she is desperate to escape and would happily inflict vengeance upon the perpetrator ’like a can of worms/i wanna watch you squirm’ but is also conflicted regarding the co-dependency that this predicament grants her. The result creates an anthem in which relatability and catharsis is at the forefront and helps to offer a beginner’s guide regarding the themes and messages that the record will provide.

The west-coast duo will release their third full-length record ’NULA’ on October 7th and will inevitably highlight and display their nu-metal flair to audiences that will grow wider and wider with every era and sonic direction that they choose to undertake.