Following the release of angst-driven second single The Heavy back in March of this year, Glasgow alt rockers Two Tone Television have returned with a punchy new anthem, Cab Driver. The timing of this release late in 2019 ensures that the band are very much on the ‘ones to watch’ radar in 2020, and quite rightly so.

The track is kicked off by a bouncy, jagged riff which can be likened to the early material of Arctic Monkeys (think Teddy Picker). Jabs of guitar punctuate the chaotic, flailing vocals, which showcase the diversity of frontman Liam McCombie’s vocal style – if you compare the vocals of the verses to those of the chorus, to the menacing repetition of ‘I wanna be your cab driver’,  it could almost be a different singer.

Preceding the electrifying solo comes a staccato bridge which sounds as if it could be part of an 80s arcade game. From here, the guitar joins in, combining to create a noisy clash which shouldn’t work, but it does – perfectly. The solo dissolves into one final chorus, followed by one final burst of the opening riff which ends as if in a sudden car crash. 

Two Tone Television are a unique band in their own right. They exist on the fringes of Glasgow’s buzzing punk scene – often playing on the same bill as bands who come under the ‘punk’ umbrella – yet Two Tone’s music can’t and shouldn’t be pigeon-holed. Although the band are building a loyal Glasgow following, it can be hoped that 2020 is the year Scotland as a whole takes notice of them. I’d love to see them take off in a similar fashion to the likes of fellow Glaswegians The Roly Mo and Spyres, both of whom are now playing regular gigs in Glasgow and across the central belt.

Stay tuned for later this week when we’ll be premiering the video for Cab Driver, but in the meantime, be sure to follow Two Tone Television on their socials and stream Cab Driver here.



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