Viewers cannot get enough of the BBC series Killing Eve, myself included. When the opportunity to review the latest single ‘Crazy Things’ from The Girl Who Cried Wolf that was inspired by a line from the show I knew I could not turn it down. To say the least, this single would be a perfect addition to the soundtrack of the next series.

In many ways ‘Crazy Things’ imitates the signature characteristics of Killing Eve’s assassin; unpredictable, mysterious and most importantly unforgettable. I was instantly hooked from the first beat. Electronica coupled with dark and sultry vocals are the highlight of this single, with gorgeous harmonies highlighting the lyrical content. The harmonies almost represent the relationship between the Eve and Villanelle, on their own they are powerful, but when they come together it makes magic.

This track, included on The Girl Who Cried Wolf’s new EP is available through Bandcamp. Working separately in the recording studio was a new challenge for the band but had an amazing result! An already fantastic listen, this unique way of recording makes it all the more special and a real achievement.

With live music and gigs being a distant memory, it is vital to support local artists in as many ways as we can. Scotland has a thriving music scene, with acts like this producing real magic. Listeners keep the music scene alive, so it is well worth checking out The Girl Who Cried Wolf through the link below, I promise you will not be disappointed.