The Dunts are back with another banger!

For many 2020 was meant to be a year to remember and for these Glasgow punks that was no different. This was a year in which The Dunts, already riding a huge wave of hype, should have propelled themselves to the next level. Don’t worry though troops, this journey hasn’t been cancelled, only delayed!

In December 2019 they’d packed out the Garage in their hometown of Glasgow and in March 2020 in what must have been one of the last gigs to go ahead before everything was stopped they performed to 1300 fans at a sold out SWG3. They released ‘Learn’ their first single of the year shortly after this show and then silence. In the last 7 months the only time we caught a glimpse of frontman Rab on the big screen was in the comfort of the living room when he appeared on STV news to detail the impact coronavirus is having on artists across the country.

That is until now. Individuation almost seems scripted. Smith opens with the line “It always seems to fall apart, it always seems to fix itself, if you know that then, you can start again” which in ways encapsulates their year. It’s not what they had planned but ending the year with this single is them fixing that and starting again. The track is bursting with energy non synonymous with this band and it’s sure to leave their loyal chaotic crowd of fans itching for more. There’s a real swagger about The Dunts that translates to their music. It’s in your face, it’s catchy and it makes you want to move.

The Dunts are confident, charismatic, cool as fuck & they have every right to be. Big things are coming and they are coming thick as fast!