Indie trio change pace slightly on ‘White Lie’, with very positive results.

Despite releasing their debut track last year, 2021 seems to be the year The Deep Shining Sea really seek to put themselves on the map. With two singles already released this year, each showing a dynamic sound occasionally reminiscent of indie darlings such as Turnover, the Scottish trio change things up on this release, with a much brighter tune that ends up being the best song they’ve released to date. 

Sonically, ‘White Lie’ sees a return to the reverb-soaked previously utilised but left behind on their last release, ‘The Song Plays on Repeat’. The new track takes on a much less spacey, atmospheric vibe than previous efforts. Instead, it is clear that TDSS were trying to create a summer anthem, one that would be adored by young adults sitting in fields with bucket hats and cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits. This is far from a bad thing for the band; in fact, this brighter sound serves singer Steven Hillcoat’s higher vocal range far better than what was heard on prior singles. His performance elevates the track, as lyrically he reflects on a sense of cabin fever and a longing for a certain someone in particular – ‘I’ll tell a white lie, if it gets me in your life’. 

Add in a crisp, smooth production quality and what you’re left with is a track that is a clear evolution from The Deep Shining Sea’s past songs, and one that represents a new, clearer musical direction that I hope the band continues with going forward.