Dundonian trio, The 1:21s are known for their ripe indie sound, projected in their last album ‘Soul TV’ released in March of last year. However, a year on they have worked hard to prove they can switch it up as shown in their new single ‘Hola Hello.’ An excellent, guitar heavy track that instantly transports you to a massive outdoor venue in the sunshine, which is something we all wish we could be doing right now.

This track showcases a dominant and solid essence with a roaring guitar riff, in the beginning resembling the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. This strong instrumentation shows the band has something great to offer, a brilliant way of introducing new material. Accompanied by a haunting synthesiser the mood of this track is set within the first few seconds. The jangly effect given by the acoustic guitar in the verse followed by electronic keyboard, paired with excellent use of the electric guitar delivers a fusion of many sub genres and influences from across several decades of music in the one tune.

Each instrument does very well to compliment one another but the lead guitar, in particular, deserves great credit within for the way in which it carries the song and blends together with the vocals. An unbelievable, Gallagher like guitar solo draws us closer to the end of the tune, capturing and rounding off the dark yet psychedelic vibes of this track.

Overall a highly recommend track and band which I will look forward to hearing more from.