New Glasgow sensations, STRAiD, rupture onto the scene with debut single, ‘Alone Again’

You would think that with the sheer amount of talent that is bursting out of Scotland right now, (or maybe more for the past 5 years), that the occasion of a new band landing on the scene would someday come to be a non-event… but it never does!

There’s always something inescapably thrilling about a group of people who decide to pick up instruments one day and just go for it! Then of course, there’s the word of mouth and the obligatory scanning of the group and thinking to yourself, “what are they gonnay sound like?”. The suspense is palpable but more importantly, it’s exciting. Well, I’m glad to inform you that there is a new band on the scene and they go by the name, STRAiD.

Debut single, ‘Alone Again’, doesn’t start off with ear deafening riffs or cataclysmic drums. The song instead opens with a minamilist clean guitar rythm which hits you like a scorpion’s tail, very deceptive in it’s power and guaranteed to get under your skin. Tension is this whole tunes forte. Vocalist Chris Whylie pulls you back and forth through the morose trials and tribulations of a relationship that’s clearly on the rocks. Choosing his moments carefully on when to unleash from his despondent drawl and lead you to the fiery frustration of the chorus, this song is a subtley infectious anthem.

Recorded by Lewis Jaoui at Paulshalls Studios, the four piece have a sound that’s evocative of bands like, Kings of Leon in their early days. STRAiD have that, ‘garage band but too good to actually be a garage band’, quality to them, mixed with the love torn indie balladry of say, the Kooks or Catfish. The guitar work (bass and electric) is clean but punchy; nuanced and tactful. ‘Alone Again’, is a glistening offering from a bright new band that have already established themselves as being worthy of attention, so keep your ears peeled!

Have a listen for yourself below and remember to follow STRAiD on their socials to keep in tune with all that’s to come. If you want to see the boys at Nice N Sleazy’s on Thursday then you’re gubbed cos it’s sold out. Better get on it next time!