Single Review | Shambolics | Living In Shadows

Fife’s flying stars, Shambolics, have followed up their successful signing to Scruff of the Neck Records by releasing a new single, ‘Living In Shadows’. The release comes packaged with the announcement of their forthcoming EP ‘U Serious Boi?!’, due this April.

Contrary to the name Shambolics, the new single is well structured, melodic, extremely moving. Fitting for the dark winter months, ‘Living In Shadows’ feels like the type of song you would have on repeat during a cold rainy night, or to get you through a hard time. It’s uplifting but moody, making you reflect rather than give you a burst of joy. Properly helping you through your problems rather than papering over the cracks with excitement.

It really shows the band’s range as the vibe of the track is wildly different to their previous two singles, the energetic ‘What’s Going On in Your Head?’ and the peppy ‘Like a Breeze’.

With dreamy synths and strings, and a simple, soothing guitar, the track creates a very relaxing sound. The drums are light and rhythmic, supportive but not overpowering. Perfect for a track that feels like it’s trying to have its listeners back.

That supportive nature is most obvious in the lyrics, which feel like a long, deep conversation with a worried friend. The message is about finding your way out of a dark place while reminding you that their always is a way out of said places.

It’s a song I would definitely recommend to anyone going through a tough time, or just anyone who, like me, likes to listen to sadder songs at night.

It suggests an exciting prospect for the new EP. I can’t wait to hear what else Shambolics have to offer to the ever growing Scottish music scene.