Roisin McCarney. 

Do you love empowering music? Love the hold that powerful vocals can have over you? Roisin McCarney is the Scottish vocal powerhouse who is back to take over the dance scene of 2022. 

My Happy Ending’ is the empowering, uplifting single from McCarney featuring the most energetic vocals that I’ve heard in a while. With an extremely emotional backstory, McCarney was diagnosed with skin cancer back in late 2020 and went through a plethora of treatments and hospital stays to find what worked for her. Using music as the escape we all know it can be, the Glasgow-based singer-songwriter poured her soul into this entrancing dance single. 

“I just want to spread my positivity to anyone going through a hard time and allow my music to be their escape for a little while, just like it was mine.” McCarney 2021

Headshot of Roisin McCarney

Behind McCarney’s commanding vocals, the timeless dance soundtrack creates a feeling of pure happiness, chasing away those weekly stresses and getting you ready for the weekend. But, let’s talk about lyrics. Written as a form of escape from real life, McCarney doesn’t just empower us for the now, she empowers us for the future. Inspiring a form of hope, and yes, it is that deep. 

It’s fair to say that this single is perfect for summer club nights, tik tok soundtracks, and those core memory road trips. ‘My Happy Ending’ gives you that push you need to love life again, and with this track..I’m going to love 2022.

My Happy Ending is out 25.03.2022!



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