Fresh indie outfit OWAN have released their new single, Two Syllables. Hailing from the Glasgow area, the 5 piece have enjoyed a great start to life as a band – having already played in venues across the city, including supporting Her Picture as part of New Year Resolutions ’23, and a headline show at Room2.

OWAN consists of lead singer Ceit McNeil, lead guitarist Luke Burke, rhythm guitarist Anthony Harcombe, bassist James Hazlett, and drummer Keir Straub. Formed in school, Luke, Anthony, and James would rehearse in the practice rooms, and with the addition of Ceit and Keir, OWAN was formed.

Two syllables is a ballad touching on the misunderstanding and confusion love can bring. The track features eerie guitar layered with the deep melodic bass, giving the track a softer feel. A main highlight of the song is the incredible vocals effortlessly sung by Ceit McNeil, the song is packed with sentimental lyrics and love ridden melodies.

“Don’t you, realise I can’t even hear your voice,

I want to, but it scares me it scares me, it scares me,

Don’t you, realise I can’t even hear your voice,

I want to, but it scares me, it scares me, it scares me now”

Taking influences from various artists including Mazzy Star, Slow Pulp and Alex G. OWAN succeed in creating an emotionally charged indie anthem that wouldn’t feel out of place in an arena. Rhythm bassist Anthony Harcombe commentated on the significance of the track;

“This song was written for people who have experience with feelings of anxiety, loss, heartbreak, and fear in an attempt to bring them to calmness and acceptance. It was inspired by a real-life event, after a tragic breakup, it left the writer so vulnerable that even just hearing his past lover’s voice, triggered a serious panic attack, as he could sense that confrontation was approaching with her voice getting louder and louder, which is spoken about in the chorus. Thankfully the writer was able to turn this distressing experience into a positive, capturing the wide range of emotions he felt at that exact moment, and reflecting them appropriately in this song. The use of layering multiple instruments on top of each other is used to mimic the overwhelming feelings of anxiety that the protagonist felt, as well as represent overstimulation. The great depth and busyness that is created from this, is similar in the way in which his brain conceptualizes the voices and noises that were happening around him that he could not fully grasp.”

When asked about how he would describe the newly formed group he added; “I think our band is unique because we are all very different from one another, our styles, personalities, and patter, all differ which creates an amazing and interesting dynamic. And especially with music taste contrasting from Metal to the softest most gentle indie music. OWAN hopes to keep releasing music and playing live shows, we can be seen supporting Joshua Grant on the 3rd of March at King Tuts.”

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